Friday, November 20, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving weekend to-dos

If you haven't picked up a turkey yet, you'd better get one this weekend!  This is the last weekend before Thanksgiving!  I need to pick up a few more things for our menu, as well as our table setting!

We plan to get a jump-start on our outdoor holiday lights.  I like to have all of the roof-top, eaves, and hard-to-reach places on the house strung with lights before the weather turns sour (I don't want my husband up there on a cold, icy day!)  We've been having an unseasonably warm week (with temps in the 60s) so we plan to take full advantage of it!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. Well got the turkey I just need a few things for the pies and I am set. I won't even think about Christmas decorating till after next weekend then I will think of that. We don't decorate outside as I am married to the Grinch's brother so that never happens,lol. But I will do the inside after next weekend for sure.

  2. My momma still takes care of the turkey!

    I don't know when we are going to decorate... this weekend we are going to Bob's mom's house and next weekend we are going to my mom's house!


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