Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just when we thought the snow was over

Just when things in PA began to thaw...

Just when we thought the snow drifts would be a thing of memory...

Above: my son's playhouse buried in the snow

Just when we thought spring couldn't be that far away...

Just when we thought we'd had our fill of winter fun...

Just when we thought we can't trudge through this anymore...

The forecast is calling for more snow!
For the next three days!

Old man winter just won't let go!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Happy Thinking of Spring"

A little {but thoughtful} gift from my hubby:

He called it my "Happy Thinking of Spring" present :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

No sign yet...

Normally by now (in late February) in PA, the robins would return and we'd be greeted each morning by their familiar song outside our windows.  Due to the severity of this year's winter and record snowfall, I have yet to see one.  

The first sighting of a robin usually signifies that spring is on its way!  So hurry back robins!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alone Time

We're back from our trip (which was absolutely awesome from start to finish!) 

For fun my husband decided to take our son to see the ginormous monster trucks at Monster Jam this afternoon so I could have some time alone to unwind and unpack.

They scored awesome seats up close and center, and my husband brought ear protection so they wouldn't have to suffer from the incredible amount of noise (a must for kids).

Our son (like most little boys) loves these giant trucks!
This was the thrill of a lifetime for him!

We were afraid it would be overwhelming for him,
but he was completely enthralled from start to finish!

And me?
I hung out at home, had a leisurely lunch,
watched some Olympics and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Lovely :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Mittens - the hottest accessory of the season!

If you're watching the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, 
you've undoubtedly spotted the hottest, must have accessory this winter -
the Canadian red, Olympic mittens!

Thanks to my dear friend Lee,
and her good friend Joerg (who works for the Vancouver Olympic Committee)
for sending us mittens before we left for our trip!

We them!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Skating in Ottawa!

I didn't think I could still do it! 

 The last time I tried to ice skate (after many, many years) I could barely balance myself, but I couldn't come up here again and let the opportunity pass me by!

So I took a chance, laced up, and took the plunge!

I did it!  
(check me out in my skates!) 

And I have to say that the feeling of gliding across the ice again was the most fun I've had in years!  {Guess all of those years of lessons weren't for naught!}

I absolutely loved it!  

The Rideau Canal was packed today for Family Day in Ontario!  Music, hundreds (thousands?) of people on the ice, BeaverTails, hot chocolate, poutine, so fun!  

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hi from Canada!

Above: Photo taken by our 3 year old son!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I'm MIA from the blogging world, but we're up here in Canada at the moment! 
I just wanted to say hi!
and update you all that I'm better 
(thanks for all the get well wishes!)
We're having a great time!
Funny thing is that it's snowier at home in PA than it is up here!
We have friends house-sitting/pet-sitting for us while we're away 
(I miss our furkids!) 
We bought our 3 year old son his own little kid camera today,
and we're in hysterics looking at our trip 
through his eyes!
(like the photo above that he took of us!)
Time for a little shut eye! 
The Olympics start tomorrow!
People up here are so excited!
Go Canada Go!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

S is for...

S is for
We woke up to 2 feet of it! 

and S is for...

and of course,

well, you get the general idea...

if you're a cat,
S is for

or sadly, if you're me...

S is for
Strep throat
Super achy and tired
Scarlet Fever (a lovely, fine all-over rash)

and yes,

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow and Sore Throats

TGIF for sure!  

It's been a hectic week at the office, and with our trip coming up, I've gotten a little lot rundown.  First my hubby came down with something last weekend. He moaned and groaned like he was dying and spent the next three days bedridden while I assumed the role of a single parent. 

But now the rush, stress, and overload have taken their toll.  I woke up this morning barely able to swallow. That thingie that hangs down in the back of your throat - you know, the uvula...well mine is three times its normal size!!!  Yikes!  I can't even eat today...but did I stay home? No. I should've, but I really am swamped right now. I'm just keeping a good distance from everyone so I don't get anyone else sick.  Besides, I'm leaving early to go and see my doctor.  I'm praying for something, anything to relieve the discomfort!

Aside from all of that...there's a storm brewing here...a snowstorm!   Think I might take a page from Joy Beadworks and ask hubby to build the little guy an igloo in the backyard! (You MUST check the one her husband made for their kids - it's awesome!!)  

Wishing everyone a warm and safe {and healthy} weekend!