Saturday, November 21, 2009

Exterior Illumination

It feels like Christmas Vacation around our house! As fall is winding down, we're gearing up for Christmas by getting a head start on our exterior illumination. My husband likes to have most of the lights up before Thanksgiving while the weather is cooperative. So out came the lights and the ladder so he could get them strung on our roof, eaves, and our giant pine tree.

We don't light them until December 1st, but it's nice having the bulk of our outdoor decorating completed with all of the lights strung so that all we have to focus on are the garlands, wreaths and swags.

Hey, when you do as much holiday decorating as we do, you have to start as early as possible!  Nothing is worse than being outside on a frigid day struggling with light strands until you can't feel your fingers any longer!  (of course that can be fun, too, because then you have an excellent excuse to come in and get warmed up with a cup of hot chocolate!) 

When do you start to decorate?


  1. We did ours last weekend!! We went to the Christmas Parade of Lights last night in town, and what an awesome parade. It rolled past us for over 90 minutes!!!

  2. Well, we can't start ours until after Maddie's birthday. We made a pact not to mush her birthday in with either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Her birthday has actually fallen on Thanksgiving once, and I am sure it will again, but we still won't decorate until usually the weekend after Thanksgiving (first weekend in Dec.). Sometimes she asks us to decorate earlier, and sometimes not. This year we will be re-doing her room for her birthday, so Christmas will definitely be on the hold list until we get done!

  3. We finished ours up and we also don't turn them on until December 1st. But this year we bought LED lights and I don't like the color at all!!:( I want to take them all down and do the old lights...ahhh.

    I hope we get to peek at some pictures of your home sweet home all lit up in December. :)


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