Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lessons from children

Any one that has spent any time around a child knows that children are a blessing for so many reasons, and as adults there is so much we can learn from our kids. Like the simple joys of catching a snowflake on your tongue, or running through the sprinkler on a hot summer day. 

It was so cute watching the joy my son got just from jumping in piles of leaves in our yard over the weekend (even my husband got a kick out of it, and he was the one doing all of the raking and re-raking!!)

That childhood exhuberance and excitement is what living is truly all about.

To them, everything is new - everything is an adventure.

Don't you wish more adults felt that way?!?


  1. I love the feeling I get when I am watching my kids experience something for the first time...the joy and the wonder in their eyes. As adults we should be trying to seek out those moments for ourselves...just to experience the joy of living.

  2. Oh yes, I SO agree with you. Funny too, because my husband and I were just talking about this topic a few nights ago. We were loving how our boys found delight, joy, and wonder in everything and we were brainstorming how to keep that going! ;)

    Love the pile of leaves too! Looks like fun...

  3. Oh, he so looks like my little fellow, who ironically, is teaching me to enjoy, without inhibition, my FATHER and his toys ... !

    And don't leaves make such great toys. You don't have to put them away or glue them back together or even pay for them. And they're colorful, and crunchy and smell so good.

    {contented sighs}

  4. My 2 year old just learned how to crunch all the leaves, I love watching him do it!

  5. These pictures are so adorable, Judy!!!!! Charming!

    Barb ♥

  6. This just made my beautiful November day!


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