Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Gobble Gobble Gobble!

I hope you and your loved ones are having a blessed Thanksgiving!

~ Don't eat too much! ~


  1. Lovely photos....don't you just love this time of year...
    Hope you had a lovely day..
    glenda @Serendipity Cottage

  2. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I'm heading out for black Friday shopping and a movie with my daughters in a bit....they are already out there but I wanted to be more conservative and sleep in this morning after a big day of cooking yesterday.

  3. Beautiful Centerpiece!! I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!! I also make those Pilgrim Hat Cookies! Aren't they so much fun to make! They are always a hit! Sooooooo Excited for Christmas. I have been giddy walking through the stores and seeing all the Christmas stuff, and buying a few presents for the pumpkin. I agree with you on the Victoria's Secret, I LOVE Victoria's Secret. I have heard of Sephora but never ordered from there. They have a whole bunch of other make-up brands on their website too, I see. Just went and checked it out. I would love some new make-up, especially some glitter for the holidays!!:)

  4. just not possible (eat too much)
    what pretty photos Judy!
    hope your Tday was a good one:)

  5. Oh beautiful! That top photo looks straight out of a magazine. You're so talented with this stuff. Just gorgeous. Hope you had a fabulous holiday.


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