Friday, May 21, 2010

It's good to be loved :)

My 9th wedding anniversary to my best friend quietly came and went last month.  We've been together as a couple for well over a decade now ~ sharing life's ups and downs, and all the while still growing in love for one another.

He's my best friend, confidante, and still can make me double over in side-splitting laughter!  And becoming parents to the sweetest little boy {yes, I'm a little biased!} has brought us even closer.  

And for our anniversary, he gave me roses, an adorable card {above}
the prettiest ring {I have a weakness for bling!}  
It's a beautiful, dazzling {and GINORMOUS} aquamarine solitaire
with tiny little diamonds set in the mounting...
I love how the blue sparkles and dances in the light like the sun on the ocean.  
(I had to put it on my left hand to photograph it!)

In general, I'm not a huge fan of most jewelry, 
but like any girly-girl, I do love a little sparkle ;)  
I just adore this ring's simple, understated style! 

And for Mother's Day, my sweet baby boy showered me in hand-made {the VERY best kind in my opinion!} presents!  Beautiful, Mother's Day arts & crafts made at school and daycare.

Seeing his little face as he carried them out to present to me like the finest of treasures was one of those 'mommy moments' that will stick with me forever

I love my guys!

And I thank my lucky stars each and every day
to have been so blessed 
to be surrounded in love :)


  1. Aww Judy! You're so blessed. Isn't it funny how we have little details in common with our relationships? lol...blows me away! Crazy about each of us receiving some finger sparkle this year. :D

    You live a rich and full life and that is a treasure. This post was beautifully written. LOVE your wedding photo too!

    Also, I wrote an anniversary post last week about our day. I would LOVE for you to read it if you get a chance. It here:

  2. PS Quick question...what is your secret to capturing your ring in a photo?? I could NOT take a good picture of my ring. :-/ I would appreciate any tips.

  3. Very sweet! :) Happy belated anniversary! Your ring is just beautiful & don't you love hand-made cards from the kiddos? They're such treasures! Enjoy your family & know you're loved! :)

  4. I love this post. Your beautiful wedding photo is just so perfect. I love your new bling. Tom is definitely a keeper!

  5. That ring is GORGEOUS! I LOVE the ocean hues as well! As for the treasures from your son, they will ALWAYS be the gifts that you remember!

  6. Its so great to great that there is still love stories out there. I have been married to my hubs for 8 years yesterday. Its great to be married to your best friend. I really love your blog. I added you to my blog today for some link love! I am following you and hope you will follow me too!!! :)

  7. Oh I adore aquamarines! You indeed are truly blessed.

  8. Pretty ring! Looks great on your hand!

    I love homemade cards, especially ones that trace our baby's hands!

  9. How sweet Judy! Your ring is just aquamarine! What treasures from your son. I love looking back at what my children have made when they were little, such sweet memories!

  10. Judy, your ring is lovely....such a gorgeous color. So happy that you are happy. May God bless you both and little Andrew also.

    Hugs, Barb

  11. Happy anniversary :) The ring is beautiful. He did good! :)


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