Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gnome Sweet Gnome {cupcakes}

Well it was that time again, my son's turn to bring in a treat to school.  The last time it was his turn, we brought in healthy, skim-milk cheese strings and fruit.  This time, unhealthy but delicious cupcakes!

Since it was the beginning of spring, I settled on something from the garden ~ gnomes!

These cute little guys were made from fondant and coated in candy melts.
Their hats are candy coated bugle corn snacks :)

I piped on royal icing for their beards and food-coloring marker for the eyes.

I loved how they turned out! 
Then I made spring garden cupcakes, with spring-green {buttercream} grass, {candy sprinkle} flowers, and mini toadstools made from micro-marshmallows and fondant caps {with royal icing dots}.

Baked in bright, spring-colored, ruffled cupcake liners.

Didn't they turn out super cute?

And speaking of cupcakes,
if you have to transport a few dozen to a classroom or party,
You MUST get one of these...

It's called the Cupcake Courier,
and mine holds 36 cupcakes securely.
No more fumbling with cheap, cardboard bakery boxes or tupperware.
This thing ROCKS!
I bought mine on

Gnome sweet Gnome cupcakes.
The perfect way to welcome the new season :)
Happy Spring