Sunday, November 22, 2009

End to the weekend

Do you like my scarecrow? I picked him up this past summer at a garage sale for a $1.00! We set him atop a bale of 'raffia hay' from Michaels. He keeps watch over the buffet in the dining room. My son gets a big kick out of him :)

Another lovely weekend has come and gone. I spent most of it readying the house for Thanksgiving and decorating the playhouse for Christmas. 

Luckily I picked up a perfect little 4' artificial tree curbside during the summer for this express purpose!  My husband thought I lost my mind when I made him stop the car to get it. The last thing we needed was yet another Christmas tree, but I knew it would be so cute in the playhouse. You can't beat FREE!!  It's gotta be a sin to throw out a perfectly good Christmas tree.   It's going to be darling once I decorate it; it's the perfect size for his little house!  The same night that I picked up the tree, I also picked up a 3' Santa statue curbside.  It'll be so cute on his little front porch.

So while I was putting up the tree, my husband strung lights all along the playhouse rooftop, and then I put out his new snowman Joy light set.  It's SO cute!  And it'll be even cuter once I add the wreath, garlands and other special touches.

Saturday we made a special trip to a farmers market for some fallish things for the Thanksgiving table.  My son helped me pick out some pretty gourds that we used in the centerpiece.  The table is looking gorgeous!  I can't wait to set it with all of my special Thanksgiving pieces!

I absolutely love Thanksgiving!


  1. Yes, I do like your scarecrow....he's adorable.

    Judy, have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. My best to your sweet family.

    Hugs and blessings, Barb ♥

  2. Hi Judy!

    I have that exact same Scarecrow!! Too funny!
    I bought it at Michaels many moons ago.

    I just love this new blog of yours. So much fun
    to read every time I visit!

    My wishes to you for a safe and memorable Thanksgiving with your Guys.



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