Monday, April 26, 2010

Planting a kid's garden

I'm always looking for ways to develop my son's appreciation of the outdoors and nature. His backyard playhouse has given me a unique opportunity to encourage and foster his development in so many ways - with imaginative play, and by using the space surrounding it for garden beds that attract bees, hummingbirds, butterflies and other wildlife.  

We hung a birdhouse that my son made at a Home Depot kid's workshop in one of the trees and hung a window birdfeeder so he could watch the birds.  

We included a porch and patio with the house with chairs and benches so he'd have a place to sit outdoors and take it all in. And we created a new little garden bed this spring on the garage side for him to dig in and experiment.  He's already asked for a strawberry pot and a little cherry tomato plant of his very own :)

There isn't much in his new garden yet (it is only April, after all), just some salvia, pansies and rose plants along with some garden sculptures (I have a love of mushrooms lately)...but he's so excited about planting annuals in it soon! (and YES, we let him do the planting - and the watering, too!)  It's a awesome way to teach him about responsibility and to encourage his love of gardening.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things to do in the spring...

Now that we're well into April, and winter is {I hope} a thing of memory, there are so many joyous things to do in the spring. I hope you find my list inspirational and discover some ways that perhaps you hadn't thought of for your own family to enjoy the season!

1. Take time to appreciate the beauty around you...

With beautiful spring flowers and trees, 
there's so much beauty to behold in the spring, 
but be careful - it's all too fleeting 
if you aren't paying attention!

2.  Appreciate all of God's creatures
Nature is so busy in the spring time.  
Birds building nests, animals awakening from hibernation. 
Spring is a marvelous time to take a nature walk 
and discover all of the activity around you.

3.  Ride a bike

With summer on the horizon, who doesn't want 
to shed a few extra winter pounds?  
Biking is not only great exercise, it's cathartic to the mind! 

4. Hang clothes out on the line

Let the spring air dry your clothes and infuse them 
with the fresh smell of blossoming trees 
and warm spring breezes! 

5.  Feed the birds

Hang a feeder, set out a birdbath, put out a birdhouse.
They'll reward you by sticking around through the warmer months 
with their beautiful songs and eating those pesky bugs!

6. Fly a kite

Acting like a kid once in a while does wonders for your spirit :)  

7. Take a trip to the garden center

And see the many varieties of summer annuals
and perennials that they have. 
You might just find something new for your garden!

8. Go on a picnic

You can make it a romantic picnic for two...
a family picnic for all...
or just a quiet lunch al fresco for one with a good book :)

9. Visit a farm or farmers market

There's nothing like farm-fresh produce
and seeing all of the adorable farm animals!

10. Take a hike!

 You don't have to be an avid outdoor enthusiast
to enjoy a pleasant hike in the woods.
Pack comfortable shoes, a picnic lunch, binoculars
and a camera and discover all of the wonders of springtime!

 I hope your spring is filled with joy and beauty!   

Take a moment out of your busy everyday life 
to savor the splendor of this gorgeous season with those you love!

Friday, April 9, 2010

April Showers

Get out the umbrella...

Put on your rain boots...

It's time for April showers!

 Its been raining here and it looks like it's going to continue over the next couple of days.  The good news is that it's making everything green up and grow

 Guess I better start thinking up 
some fun, rainy day activities!

Have a great {and dry} weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Did everyone have a good Easter?

If you were celebrating, I hope everyone had a truly blessed and beautiful Easter holiday!

Ours consisted of unusually beautiful weather (temps in the 80s), sunshine, colorful spring flowers blooming, trees blossoming, plenty of quality family time, and blessings and joy galore!

We still love all of the old-fashioned traditions of coloring eggs, having an Easter egg hunt, and the excitement of opening an Easter basket.  The Easter bunny was very generous at our house ~ he even left my husband a basket of goodies!  

And in addition to a basket, what did the Easter bunny bring our son?  

Why his very own playhouse BBQ, of course! 

Isn't it cute?!  

(we're still trying to think of an answer to the obvious question, 
"How did the Easter Bunny carry THAT?!")

Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter's on its way!

Today is a last minute scramble to get everything ready for Easter tomorrow!

Above: my Easter Bunny cake
Finish my baking..

color the eggs...

stuff the baskets...

SO much to do!

Above: a view of my dining room

I hope your home and holiday are filled with blessings and joy!

Above: My Easter egg tree

Above: Easter bunny salt & pepper shakers
Above: an egg tree by the playhouse

Above: my Easter Bunny flag

Above: garden bunnies by the playhouse

Above: a little Easter Bunny garden flag.

Above: my son made this for me!

Above: a light-up egg in my window

Above: the bunny on our door

Above: kitchen decor

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beautiful April

What I love most about April is the resurgence of life! The longer days, the rebirth of nature, the return of migrating birds, animals awakening from hibernation, the warmth of the sunshine...

but mostly the return of color to everything!

Things are blooming just in time for the Easter Egg Hunt!

With more and more days like today reaching in the high 70s, 
soon, color will abound everywhere!