Monday, December 7, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas dishes!

OK, maybe you'll think it's odd, but I was absolutely thrilled to unpack my holiday dishes! I think I actually squealed!  I love red transferware, and when my dear friend Kristie told me about these dishes from Dillards, I just HAD to have them! 

Each piece tells a different part of the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas poem. I've been collecting it for only a few years now, but I've already amassed quite a collection!

I love mixing them up with some other holiday dishes that I have from Williams Sonoma (I adore Williams Sonoma!) from their St. Nick line a few years ago, add in a few red chargers or plates - and viola! A gorgeous holiday table!

I also have some very pretty Christmas tree red transferware holiday dishes, as well!

What kind of holiday dishes do you have? 


  1. Judy they are beautiful Holiday dishes.
    I would have squealed too!

    Enjoy the season! ~Melissa :)

  2. these are awesome! I don't have holiday dishes, mostly because I've never seen any that really appeal to me...but these are the best! I can see why you would squeal!!

  3. Judy, I love your dishes they are so pretty. I told someone else that I must be the odd ball as I only have one set of dishes and they are my plain jane white ones from corell were and nothing more. Maybe one of these days I will have some different ones.

  4. Those are lovely! I have a gingerbread pattern from Pfaltzgraff and some small santa plates that are from Target years ago.

  5. Judy~
    I LOVE your dishes. I have an adorable Santa pattern set that I bought from Williams and Sonoma a few years ago! And like you, each year when I get them out...I get SO excited.

  6. Think you are odd????? No way!!!!! They are beyond gorgeous. I saw these last Saturday while out shopping. Oooooooooo, love, love, love.

    Judy, join Tablescape Thursday. You would be soooo great!

    Barb ♥

  7. Okay, you might not believe this - but I don't have any Christmas dishes!!! What's up with that? If I did, though, I would have squealed when I got them out. In fact, I might have squealed a little when I saw yours! :)

  8. These dishes are wonderful! So pretty. My Christmas dishes were a wedding present from my brother and his wife years ago. They are pretty, but no longer available, so it's hard to find anymore pieces to go with the set. I love red! I can't wait to see your decorated tree pics.Thanks for sharing

  9. I LOOOVVVVEEEE your dishes Judy. Red transferware is so beautiful. My Christmas dishes are a couple years old and are red Majollica. I love them. The salad/dessert plates have a raised Christmas tree in the middle.

  10. Your dishes are fabulous!! In fact, they made me check my cupboard and realize that the dessert/salad plates my mother gave me a few years ago are the same dishes. I had no idea that they were part of a whole series of dishes. I have another set of Christmas dishes that we have used for more than 25 years, but once I knew that I could get more of the transfer ware - I was on my way to Dillards. I have collected The Night Before Christmas Books for years and that is the reason my mother gave me the salad plates. I am now the owner of 8 dinner plates and the tea set. Thanks!!! You will see the tea set in action at the annual St. Nicholas Tea Party I host with my now 4 year old granddaughter. {we began the tradition last year - but it will be an annual event!}
    You have a delightful blog and are very creative. Thanks for sharing your ideas and keep them coming!!

  11. It makes me smile to know that we have the connection of sharing the same Christmas dish pattern. They make my heart sing! Sometimes I find myself staring at my hutch full!!


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