Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making a List

Sorry for my absence, but I'm just recovering from a bout with the flu (yuck!) - and now bacterial pneumonia. The good news is that I'm on the mend, and being at home gave me some quiet time to reflect about the upcoming holidays (almost nothing brightens my mood more than daydreaming about Thanksgiving and Christmas!) You know how when you get sick you kind of lose all track of time? It dawned on me this morning during a conversation with my husband that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! 

We have an annual tradition in our home that we go to see Santa the day after Thanksgiving, so my son is so excited about that it's nearly here.  He's at that wonderful age when kids believe in the magic of Santa, the elves and flying reindeer.  He's been talking about Santa for a month now, and we've been telling him that he'll be going to see him soon.  So he asked his daddy and I to help him write his wish list for Santa.

I bought an adorable maibox at Hallmark last year that comes with Santa stationery, a candy cane pen, and postcards from Santa so Santa can acknowledge receipt of his list!  He had a blast last Christmas checking his mailbox every day!  He put all of his Christmas cards in it and read them over and over. It was so cute! 

So we've carved out our evening to sit down as a family with some hot chocolate and candy cane pens to help him work on his wish list.  I can't wait!  It's like getting to relive the childhood anticipation of Christmas all over again!! 


  1. I sure hope you feel lots better soon. I love family traditions! The mailbox is very cute!

  2. This is one of those traditions he will drive his wife crazy over "Honey, we need a special mailbox and a candy cane pen, just like my mom used to have!" hee hee

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I found your blog through Three Girls and a Guy, when she handed out the blog awards. I think we may be long lost sisters seperated at birth! On October 2, when you took pictures of all your Fall decs, I had done the exact same thing! I only took 3 photos, but if you go forward, you'll see I posted some later of our porch, and the pumpkin patch. I think you love Fall and Christmas as much as I do! By the way, your child's playhouse is my Dreamhouse!! I love how someone said, "can I move in?" I felt the same way! Your husband and you are an amazing team. I am going to show that to my hubby and say, "Get Moving!" I loved the book where the Wild Things Are as a child too, I have not seen the movie but can't wait. Loved the costume. And the page where you describe yourself, LOVE THAT. I am going to do that sometime and post you, so you can see. I thought that was just one of the best things ever! It may take me a while to complie a list that long of myself! I will have to be a work in progress! And your son's birhtday, amazing!!

  4. Hey girlfriend!

    I can't believe you emailed me in the midst of such illness. You are a gem, you know?

    Ashley is 24 and I still have her make a list that has a Santa list on it... in fact, it was delivered via email just last night. I can tell she's getting older as now there is a Couples Gift List of things she and Eric would like!!

    I am starting to feel well enough to plan Thanksgiving. I think my Christmas plans will be light this year... no 13 trees, I am quite sure!!

  5. I was suspicious that there may be a nasty bug in your household. . . I was just thinking that I should email you when I checked your blog and you were back!!! Hope you feel much better soon Judy. I love your mailbox, and the tradition ever more!!! Special memories in the making!


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