Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Another great winter-doldrum-buster is thinking ahead to  
I'm a list fanatic!  
Being a full-time working mommy to a rambunctious toddler - I have to be! 
So I'm always organizing my plans/thoughts/dreams/goals into lists...
and because I like to have things written down...
why not write it down in something CUTE!!

So I made my own SPRING journal
(I'll have to post the DIY instructions one of these days):
it's really simple!

I ADORE springtime!
The longer days...
the beautiful flowers...
the return of migrating birds (yay, robins!)...
riding my adorable vintage bike!!

In it, I sketch my garden plans...
Keep track of seed packets/planting instructions...
Write "to do" lists for spring holidays (Easter, Mother's Day, my anniversary)...
plan projects (last year it was the playhouse!)...
Scrapbook seasonal photos for future reference...

but most importantly, I try to capture my thoughts, wishes, feelings
and special memories of the glorious spring season!

So if you're cooped up indoors
and need a little
try writing keeping your own seasonal spring journal!
It's a great (and pretty!) way to stay organized,
and get the most out of the upcoming season!!
(not to mention beating away the winter blahs!)

Or how about a pretty garden journal!

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  1. Judy,

    Your Spring journal is amazing, so pretty with the delicate ribbons down the sides and the pages are so pretty. I'd love to be able to make something as nice as that.

    All things nice...

  2. You are every bit as good as Susan Branch. I would buy your book!! Just make it a blank one so I can put all my own ideas in it!!

  3. Ahhhh, your spring journal was like a breath of fresh spring air...I need that half way through my long Pittsburgh winter!

  4. So precious and Spring-like Judy! :)

  5. I find myself thinking ahead to spring all the time! It's definitely my favorite season! And this is a lovely journal, too!

  6. Judy, it's a gorgeous journal! I love it!
    Terri is right, you could market that.

  7. I love it, Judy, and I still love the one you made for me!

    Barb ♥

  8. Those rag ribbons are the perfect touch! Fun colors to see right now too.

  9. Happy weekend to you as well, Judy.

    We are off to a froglegs festival on Saturday. Can you stand it?? Ron loves froglegs and I am a good wife. hehehehe. Where is the Alka Seltzer??????? Yikes.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  10. THAT is gorgeous! I'd buy one in a heart beat to fill up. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!

  11. I am loving your Spring Scrapbooking Notebook!! It's beautiful, and so festive, and so uplifting. Makes me smile, and ca't wait for Spring to come. Beign a mom, you have to be organized! It's amazing how organized you have to be! Just like that, you wake up, and have a whole nother life to take care of, and Wham! enter responsibilities! It's amazing though, I kind of LOVE IT!! It makes you a better person, and a more giving person, and a more together person!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for you long comment!! That was amazing, and I seriously cried!! It really helps to just vent and get all that negativity and guilt and "I wish, I wish, I wish" out. It's so nice to have people understand where you're coming from, where you are, or where you've been. I really apreciate your support and your kindness. it sucks, but it sucks less having people say, "I've been there, I know where you are, and you will get through." Thanks so much!

    I'm sure it's hard not to have family near. I'm really sorry about your parents, I think I said that before, I can't imagine how hard it is. I know they're looking out for yo everyday and with you every step. My sister-in-law lost both her parents within 6 months of each other to cancer. Her father right before her wedding and her mother shortly after. From her experience, and from how I know I would feel, I'm truly sorry for your loss. You're an amazing, beautiful, talented person, and a Great Mommy!! I'm sure they are so proud of you!

  12. What a lovely idea! I have a gardening scrapbook, with all of my plans and such, but I love the idea of incorporating everything to do with celebrating a particular season! Your Spring book looks beautiful, you're very talented :)! I'm going to check out your son's playroom now...

  13. Miss!!!!!! How CUUUUTTE is your spring scrapbook??!!! Looovve the scrappy ribbons along the edge and the wavy text on the that your handwriting????? I am forever trying to organize my thoughts, days, weeks and seasons.......maybe I should do it a little prettier too????

  14. I'm giggling right now that you know Buffo :)

  15. beautiful! I think I will make a gardening journal.


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