Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The doldrums of January get to me.  It's not the cold or the snow (although ours has melted away)...it's the shortened daylight hours and the grey, dismal sky...the barren landscape.

I'm someone that thrives on color

Don't get me wrong - I welcome being cozied up at home every once in a while.  For example, who doesn't love a family movie night - the buttery popcorn, downy-soft throws, curled up on the sofa with your loved ones snug and safe within arm's reach?

But I also thrive on activity!  Endless days stuck indoors being too sedentary give me and my family serious cabin fever! 
To combat the January blues, we get creative!  Out come the watercolors, the glitter pens, the colored pencils {above}, the crayons {below} and whatever other craft supplies we can dig up!

This past weekend we took plain, white coffee filters, and painted them with watercolor paints.  Then we took pipe cleaners, bent them in half, and twisted them in the middle of the dried, painted coffee filters to create a myriad of beautiful BUTTERFLIES!

We hung them in my son's room, surrounding a construction paper tree that was decorated with my son's multicolor painted handprints.  Adorable!

I'm lucky enough that my ever-creative husband made me a craft table several years ago, using an outdated desk, some simple shelves, and old library card catalog drawer, a leftover piece of crown moulding, and paint to make a darling, Pottery Barn-esque craft table {below}!

I can't tell you how very handy it is to have a designated space to work, filled with things that inspire me.  But even if you don't have a designated craft area, don't let that stop you!  You can always clear off a part of the dining room or kitchen table! We ended up crafting on the living room floor!!

The important thing is to let your imagination go and have fun

So if the winter doldrums have you down, try your hand at something creative!  Paint something, sketch something, create something!

Happy creating!


  1. Judy, I LOVE your craft room! And it looks like it came right out of the PB store! I'm sure the room inspires you often.

  2. So much fun...I love the idea!!! I think I am going to make some with my lil one. Thanks for the idea.

  3. You've got me all revved up to do something fun with my little one... wait... I don't have a little one! I guess I will go grab a first grader and see what we come up with!

  4. What a great craft space! How wonderful your husband can build you something like that! Now to think of how to get creative with my "littles"!

  5. Judy, I think I can understand a wee bit. During the two weeks of unbelievable cold we had here in Florida, I just went nuts not being able to get outside on the porch and in the garden....truly, I got a bad case of cabin fever.....so, I cannot imagine what it is like for you!

    I am presently working on my studio. It takes a beating during the holidays so I want it ship shape again.

    Hang in there.....your projects sound great!

    Barb ♥

  6. As always Judy....you so inspire! I <3 your craft room/desk! Love...love...love...love...love it! :-)

  7. What a beautiful desk and crafting area! I love colored pencils and crayons! I think they make me feel like a kid! I even like to color in a coloring book! Enjoy your week!

  8. That is one awesome craft area. I love the card catalog drawers. We must be neighbors...I also live north of pgh. Found you through the Treat Girl!

  9. I LOVE your craft table!! It's beautiful! How nice to have that space for yourself, for all those girly, frilly, artsy stuff that we women collect. I would so put all my photos, stationary, and scrapbook stuff (that I still have not opened) there!! My husband is very crafty too! He's like a Jack of all Trades-Business man by day, Carpenter by night and weekend!!! I love your project! I bet it was so much fun, and got you out of the Winter lull! Welcome Spring!

    PS. HA, HA!! I should know that yours is still up too!!

  10. Is that Kitty Border paper in your office!! I love that! I am looking at your little dog's cake in the side-bar. Oh my Gosh!! How adorable! Did he like poop for two weeks straight? We Usually get Diez a Bone Cake (it's a big dog bone with frosting), but we don't have any froo froo dog bakeries here (please someone open one!), so that's about the best we can do for him! They make him pooey anyway though, so we usually don't get them for him. You didn;t make that did you??

  11. I adore this! I so need to get my hiney to the craft store and stock up...do my projects and get my blankets made:)

    I didn't like JS at all and then that was all that was on when the girls went to bed. So I sat through a couple episodes and then a couple turned into watching the re-runs...yeah...stupid!

    My very reasons for cursing so much on my blog: because I don't want to curse in front of the girls:) They do pick up on everything and it's honestly hilarious...unless of course they start cussing esp. in front of people! YIKES!


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