Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pet Playrooms

We're big pet lovers, with our pets being as much a part of our family as any other member.

As far back as I can remember, my family always had pets. I had three West Highland White Terriers when my husband and I married - and shortly thereafter, we adopted our cat, Randy.

Having three dogs and a cat can make keeping a house tidy a little difficult.  So we decided they it would be fun if they had designated playrooms of their own.

So we set out to create a dog room for our Westies - converting an unused portion of our basement.  I handpainted their door just to make it cuter!

And then we got busy painting the ugly cinder block and installing the drywall and flooring to finish the room...

Once the walls were done, it was time to paint!  I choose a fun apple green color...and did paw print and bone Wallies across the walls!  Then I hung my favorite photos of the dogs:

I took an ordinary, inexpensive plaid tab valance and made some Westie and a black cat embellishments to attach on it to finish off their window.

And we mounted a bin on their wall to hold their toys that I painted with another Westie.

 I bought a fire hydrant that my husband mounted to the wall for decoration...

And we installed a little cat door at the bottom of their door so Randy could get in and out...
I handpainted the "Cats use back door" above it.

 And we made a bone-shaped paper towel holder to clean up accidents!


And then we designed and decorated a cat playroom for Randy!

We found a cute cat border for the walls. My husband built the carpeted, cat house (with multi-levels!) and then I decorated it with black cat rugs, decor, and lots and lots of kitty toys!

(can you see Randy on his rug??)

If you have the space, pet playrooms are the purrfect solution to keep pet toys and clutter in a confined space while giving your beloved furry friends a place all their own to explore and play!


  1. I LOVE the pawprints all over the walls...too cute! I am a new follower. I can't wait to read more on your blog:-)

  2. Adorable! It had been awhile since I seen these rooms. I am so glad to see them again!

  3. We are big pet lovers too. Those rooms are so great!

    Stopping back by from your comment on Friday... you are more than welcome! You have such a beautiful blog here.

  4. What joy you must all have.....they are terrific!!!

  5. Hi Judy, trying to make my way around to all my buddies....missed you!

    Your pet areas are so adorable! I must show these to Ron. I am so glad Ron finally was able to get through to me about animals. I cannot imagine what my life would be without them. Missy is growing like a weed and is into everything...I just adore her and Annie has settled down into a middle aged dog. Hehe.

    Loved your inspiring!!!!

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  6. Oh my Gosh!! I want to become a cat/dog (mostly cat though) and come live in your playroom!! You are AMAZING!! Seriously, I dont know where you come up with all this stuff!! It's great!! Right out of a magazine!! Adopt me and build me a room. please!! Ha, Ha. Love it!!

  7. Your pets are adorable! I love their beautifully decorated rooms! What fun for the entire family!

  8. Judy, that's the first time I remember seeing the 'back door'. It's all so cute! You do great work, I keep telling you that! But, it's true. You and Tom make a great team. Maybe you need your own HGTV show. You could call it "The Designing Couple". You can come to my house first!


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