Monday, December 28, 2009

A Wonderful Christmas

We did it!

another beautiful & successful  

Christmas Eve after talking to his grandmother and grandfather on the phone from Canada, and getting a surpise present (a stunning hand-knit blanket) from our friends and neighbors, we went to visit my aunt and uncle and cousins. 

It's a tradition on Christmas Eve to let Andrew open one gift before bedtime - a new pair of Christmas jammies and polar bear slippers!  

After opening his new pjs and slippers, we set out the milk and cookies. Then it was story time - Corduroy's Christmas!  Once Andrew was tucked into bed, Santa sprang into action!  Leaving quite a nice pile of presents under the tree...

 Come Christmas morning, the chaos ensued! Wrapping paper and bows everywhere! 

Gifts of all shapes and sizes!  
Gifts for our Westie, Ollie...

and our cats, Randy & Odie!

Christmas Storybooks...

And just about every toy a boy could wish for!

Dump trucks, remote control vehicles, DVDs, cars, a firetruck, 
a cement truck, a car carrier, doctor kit, a new toaster and kettle for his kitchen,
a firetruck sleeping bag, 
construction vehicles, dinosaurs, plush toys, etc...

including a play tent - perfect for cold, indoor days!

but the biggest gift was saved for last...

his new big boy car bed!

a BMW bed at that! 

(Do you remember my post about this?!?  
This was the $35 bed we bought on Craigslist that my husband repainted! 
The paint looks incredible! Just like a real car!
Much better than the cheap dyed plastic it was originally).

Our son LOVES it! 

What little boy wouldn't?!?

After opening all of our gifts, 
we had a lovely Christmas dinner of roast beef 
and savory roasted vegetables with buttery rolls.

My son's place setting with a Christmas cup of milk 
and his gingerbread man napkin ring!

Set with my 'Twas the Night Before Christmas dinnerware,
and with tiny present confetti sprinkled on the table!

And the dining room all aglow with our Noel candles,
Christmas trees and our Christmas village...

And our centerpiece of Father Christmas...

We said grace, remembering all of those that couldn't share in this Christmas with us...
and especially for my mom (Christmas was her birthday).

For dessert, a darling little, ooey gooey 
chocolate Christmas cake,
drenched in buttercream glaze and
wrapped up in a festive fondant bow...

encircled with prancing reindeer cookies!

Then we settled in for the night - after driving around to look at lights

to watch holiday specials and movies...

and to count our many blessings
for a truly wonderful Christmas!

We hope yours was, too!


  1. What a perfect Christmas! I so enjoyed EACH photo on this post. :) We have a Christmas Eve tradition of PJs too. Everything was beautiful! What an exciting tree for Andrew to walk out to on Christmas morning. By the way, Corduroy's Christmas is my youngest sons favorite holiday book.

  2. oops, I wasn't finished but hit the button on accident. I also wanted to say that you're such a good wife and mom to make every detail special! I appreciate that about you. <3

  3. we have a Christmas Eve pj tradition here too! I just love watching the kids open their pressies on Christmas morning in their snuggly pyjamas. Thanks for sharing your photos, Judi

  4. Ah, what a lovely Christmas it seems you had, the car is so cute. Thanks for sharing your memories with us...

  5. Your Christmas looks like something from a movie! I love your gorgeous table and decorations...and the presents under the tree! OH MY! Beautiful! Happy New year to you and your family!

  6. That is so adorable and so lovely! I enjoyed seeing your Christmas! The bed is awesome! I would love it myself! Fabulous post.

  7. I am in the middle of trying to post some christmas photos, look for them later!! Loved these!! You are truly a Supermom!! Do you have another house to store all your X-mas Decs!! Good Lord. You and my mom should go tat for tat and see who has more. We call my mom's basement, "the store." Becuase she literally has a warehouse of Seasonal Decorations, I am slowly working my way there, btu I may just wait for hers!!

  8. Sorry to hear about your mom...I'm sure she was there in spirit.

  9. The bed came out amazing.

    Love the Christmas Carolers -- so cute.

    I'm sorry about your Mom, my birthday is Christmas Day too.

    I hope you had a wonderful day

  10. This was such a treat, dear friend. Andrew is soooo blessed to have such loving and caring parents....that is his BEST gift of all!

    Your table is utterly stunning. I loved every single pic.

    I am doing better...thank you for caring. God uses all things to His good and indeed He is doing just that even as I speak.

    Happy New Year,
    Hugs!!! Barb ♥

  11. Judy you are so talented in photography and in decorating. You are a very creative blessing to me. What a beautiful way to document your Christmas. I was thrilled to visit your "Home for the Holidays" through pictures!!! Happy New Year to you, Tom and Andrew!!

  12. A beautiful Christmas indeed! I think your family is darling and you always know how show off those items so well.:) Happy New Year!

  13. Now that is one incredible bed. Santa was very good to that little munchkin!

  14. If i am may ask , where did u buy the car tent?

  15. Where did you buy the tent? my son really liked it. Thanks


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