Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last minute rush!

The day before Christmas Eve!  I'm scrambling to finish up my baking and wrapping!  My kitchen looks like a disaster (but smells divine!)

I've baked sugar cookies, brown sugar cutouts, cream cheese cutouts, the chocolate stained glass window cookies (photo above), giant gingerbread men, and butter cookie candy canes...and that's just today!! 

I hope you're all taking time to enjoy Christmas before it's here and gone! 


  1. You baked that cookie?!?! Get OUT! I love it and I bet it tastes as good as it is beautiful :0

    Merry Christmas, Judy!

  2. You're so talented, Judy! I am not near as ambitious as you are.

    All the best to you, Tom, and Andrew...Merry Christmas from the Great White North (although, it's not so white right now west of the T-dot)


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