Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A new bed for Christmas

When my son was about to turn 2, we decided that he needed to move into a bigger room.  So as part of his birthday present, we renovated a spare room into a bedroom that our son could grow into.  I didn't want anything too preschool looking. I wanted something that was youthful, timeless, not overly sophisticated, but something that still looked playful and cute!

The choice was easy - my son like many other little boys (and even his daddy) loves vehicles.  So I decided to use an old pickup truck as the theme. 

I kept the color palette neutral and masculine with navy, deep red, taupe, cream, and white. 

My husband installed recessed lights that can be dimmed so we can go in late at night when my son's had a nightmare or sick and not have the lights wake him up.  Then my husband and I painted horizontal stripes on the wall...

Layering in the different colors...

Using a garage sale dresser that we bought for $10 and repainted navy blue, my husband built a hutch for the top of it for storage....

Using inspiration from the sheet set, I decoupaged the same pickup truck design onto the dresser's plain, white knobs...

Added a truck mural to the wall with wall letters spelling his name...

And a graphic car mural on the opposite wall...

I took an old bookcase that we weren't using and painted it red to coordinate with the room and filled it with some baskets for organization...

I bought a little table and chair set from Ikea - perfect for having a snack, doing a puzzle, coloring, or doing a craft.  And I affixed blue, vinyl chalkboard to the wall behind it. It's awesome!  You just peel and stick!  It's easily removed or repositioned.

Added some truck details..

A truck canvas painting above his bookcase...

A couple of coordinating rugs...

I found this cute little car peg board on ebay that I repainted and hung on the back of his door.  We hang his little backpack, jackets, and hats from it.

We also added a striped roman shade on his window...

And finally I added in his truck crib bedding...

That was almost a year and a half ago. 
We since converted his crib into a daybed. 
But I've grown tired of it, and I wanted to get him something new.


A big boy bed!

So we bought him one of these Little Tykes toddler car beds from Craigslist for $35...

~ It'll be one of his Christmas presents! ~

But never one to like mass produced, cookie cutter stuff, my husband is going to repaint it in a royal blue with blue glitter fleck in it (to match the pedal car he restored!)  And we're removing the Little Tykes hood emblem and replacing it with an actual luxury car emblem!

I'll post photos when it's done! 
 It's going to be so cute in my son's room - and he's going to absolutely LOVE it!


  1. Judy, it is wonderful. You and Tom have done a great job. The room is so creative and downright charming. Love it.

    Barb ♥

  2. What a sweet bedroom Judy. You guys have done a super job. Bradley had a yellow car bed when he was small. He LOVED it!!! I know Andrew will too!

  3. I already love it and I haven't even seen it!

  4. So cute, and what a deal! I'm glad to hear your hubby is giving it a new paint job. Yay for little big kid beds :O)

  5. What a great Christmas present!

  6. What a great find!! I love the car bed. And your boy's room is truly a little boy's dream! He must love it. What a great Mom!

  7. This room is so BOY! ...And perfectly themed too. Very classic and tasteful. Great job on that hutch too, I love that.

  8. Oooh! Can't wait to see the final product.

  9. just found your blog from design dazzle love it. if you get a chance, check out my son's vintage race car room that i just recently posted on my blog! your color scheme is very similar to mine!

    happy day!

  10. What are the sheets and coordinates that are in the top picture? Where did you find them? So cute!


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