Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow Sweet!

Christmas should be * magical *
...and especially during childhood. 

So I had to decorate my son's playhouse for Christmas.  The tree I found tossed out in someone's trash this past summer!  So that was a total freebie!  I bought some inexpensive candy ornaments (for under a $1.00 a piece) and a glittery star at Walmart, and a few snowman head ornaments & felt mittens at Target. The felt snowmen and lollipops are from Oriental Trading Company.   I wanted the tree to be colorful, playful and safe from breakable ornaments. 

Since the ornaments were either candy or snowmen, I nick-named it the Snow Sweet Tree!

I made an old-fashioned cranberry-popcorn garland for it one night while watching old reruns of the Andy Williams Christmas Specials!  I'd always wanted to make one! 

The tree skirt is just some leftover felt that I had that I wrapped around the base of the tree. And the little wooden sled I bought at a garage sale this summer for 50 cents!

And I hung a little Santa wreath on his front door that I bought a few years ago...

And remember the snowman joy set I bought in November?

And here's the playhouse all lit up! (notice the Santa airblown on the deck?)
Isn't it cute?
We went with the giant multi-color lights like Charlie Brown.


  1. That is a very sweet little house for your little man...he's very lucky....
    btw..I saw where you had been awarded the Circle of Friends Award and you honored me with it, if you forwarded it to me, it got lost in cyberspace or something.
    I so enjoy reading your blog...and here I was the first one to leave a comment on this one..
    Happy Christmas, glenda

  2. It's like a little boy's dream house! My kids would be so jealous...hiding your blog from them!

  3. Cute holiday decor and your header is FAB!!!

  4. Hi Judy!
    Long time no "see!" It's great to see you blogging for us all to enjoy. I love Andrew's playhouse. Oh my, my he is getting so big. :o) He must be totally thrilled that Christmas is so near. The Little Lamb is beyond excited.

    Merry Christmas!
    Hugs ~~


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