Monday, October 19, 2009

Pierogies and true love

I like to pride myself on always appreciating my loved ones, but truthfully, I take them for granted just as much as anyone else does, and unfortunately I was reminded of this on Friday. 

It was one of those days - everything felt like it was going wrong.  The end of the work week always leaves me drained and exhausted which makes me cranky.  It didn't help that I woke up earlier than normal specifically to try to make it into work a little earlier than normal.  My dear husband just seemed to be getting on my last nerve with everything that he did.  He forgot to mail the bills that I had taken time to get ready the night before even though I left them right by his wallet as a reminder.  He didn't help me get our son up and dressed.  He didn't let our dog Ollie out.  With each task that I had to do myself, it was eating away the extra minutes I needed to get to work.  Then he borrowed my debit card which annoyed me further. So of course I snapped at him - more than once. 

After getting to work, my temper cooled and I felt badly.  I never like to start the day off that way with anyone, much less my husband.  I always shudder to think what would happen if he or I were in an accident and that was the last thing we said to one another.  As I sat in my office, I read an email from a dear friend of mine that lost her husband (and best friend) unexpectedly this summer.  As much as she tried to sound upbeat, her email was filled with her grief and loneliness.  It absolutely broke my heart.  I felt like a double jerk for the way I treated my husband that morning over really unimportant stuff.

That evening after work, we went out to run some errands.  I don't even remember what he did, but something he did set off my temper once again, and I snapped at him nearly the entire ride home, accusing of him of never thinking of my feelings.

When we got home and he asked me what I'd like for dinner, I was tired and annoyed.  It'd been a long week and I was ready to just relax and unwind.  Just then, he opened the refridge and said, "Maybe you'd like these!" - revealing the pierogies that he surprised me with!  For several weeks I'd been hinting at how much I wanted to get some. There's a local church that sells them only on Fridays during the school year, but because we both work some distance from there, we can never coordinate getting them (I didn't get any at all last year).  I never suspected that he got them! Apparently he picked them up before going to work just to surprise me!  The reason he didn't help in the morning is because he was busy phoning in the order.

Yup - I'm a total jerk.
And those pierogies were delish!  :)
even though I totally didn't deserve them :(


  1. What a great ending! I know you felt bad but I hope you enjoyed them!

    You have talked about these for YEARS... I am going to have to have you mail some to me on dry ice!

  2. Hey Judy, this happens to all of us. So glad Tom is is my dear Ron.

    Thanks for your kind comment today. I have a cold and I'm feeling rotten. It was in the 50's this weekend...practically blizzard conditions for Florida....and I opened all the windows and stood in front of them with my nightgown on. Dumb!!!!!! But, I loved it! heheh

    I will be better in a day or so.....hopefully!

    Hope your evening is wonderful.

    Barb ♥

  3. I have definitely been there DONE that.....

    Can I just say that I love LOVE LOVE your header. Those pics are great!

  4. GO TOM!!!!! You've got a great guy Judy!! We all take our loved ones for granted, I'm afraid. The important part is recognizing it and doing something about it. You're definitely there!! Thanks so much for a great lesson to us all!!

  5. It's in our nature to get p-oed at the littlest things. I can't seem to kick the fact that I cannot get rid of my road rage. It still happens and I can't control it. God gives us those certain someones because if they can't handle you at your worst then they certainly don't deserve you at your best. It only makes your love that much stronger;)


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