Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Am...

I thought this would be a fun little exercise since I'm fairly new to blogging for all of you to get to know a little more about meI'd love to see some of you do the same on your blogs - and if you do, please leave me a comment and let me know so I can stop by and learn more about *YOU*!

I am...

A great mom. A cheese addict. A passionate romantic. A worrier. Creative. Sister. Lattes.  Loyal. A reader of blogs. Not a fan of TV. Online news junkie. Outdoor enthusiast. Lover of holidays. Shy. Not a chocoholic. Vegetarian. Side sleeper. A fabulous baker. Tech whiz. Bad at math. Singer. A fan of naps. Not an early riser. A little kid at Christmas. Blessed. Short. Sarcastic. Introverted. Loves to sleep in. Not a foodie. An enjoyer of pregnancy. Reader. Soft sweater. Down quilts and fluffy blankets. Not confident. Filled with gratitude. Number savant. Photographer. Gardener. Slow to trust. A boutique lover. An event planner. Organized. Not a thrill seeker. Movie lover. Snowfalls. Resilient. Peonies and pansies.  Autumn leaves. Dusk. Boo-boo kisser. Fancy fixer. Stronger than I seem. Annoyed by arrogance. A decorator. Crackling fires. Fiercely competitive. Star gazer. Bird watcher. Fireworks. Wine lover. A hockey fan. A jokester. Lover of celebrations. Someone that loves to dance. A makeup junkie. Bad at directions. A cat lover. Quick to learn. Self concious. Resistent to change. Insistent on manicures and pedicures. Stubborn. Designer handbags. Snowman builder. Afraid of spiders. Web designer. An outwardly girly girl with a hidden tom-boy side. Sensitive. Bedtime story reader. In love. Catholic. Flip flops. A list maker. A gift giver. Family focused. Extremely resourceful. Always prepared. Slow to anger but once I am, watch out! Conscientious. An aesthetic. Outdoor cafes. Enjoys a good thriller. Quote lover. Red and white. Married to my best friend. Guarded. Love to write. Fresh flowers. Williams Sonoma. Mugs of hot cocoa. Bubble baths. Tea drinker. Shopper. Custom. Always cold. Lipstick. Sinus sufferer. Not on Facebook. Magazines. Honest. Loves pillows. Crafty. Someone that loves to cuddle. Swimmer. Fan of letters. Commitment phobic. Overly analytical. Saturdays. Blustery fall days. Tiramisu. Always late. Sparklers. Usually dressed up. A little neurotic. Love to wear skirts and dresses. Unimpressed by wealth and celebrity. Pottery Barn Kids obsessed. Shark enthusiast. Catalog fan. Good listener. A sunset watcher. Picnics. Knee high boots. A procrastinator. Salad fanatic. Someone that loves to journal. Ambitious. A dog lover. Candlelight. Sunglasses on my head. A toy picker-upper. Piping hot coffee. A hugger. Liberal. Porch swings. Generous. Diamonds. Quaint cottages. Kind to a fault. Lover of Condiments and sauces. A good cook. Caramel apples. Loves to be pampered. A leg crosser. Summer storms. Snow days. Realistic. Massages. Christmas lights. Fireflies. Afraid of lightening. Pashminas and scarves. Musicals. Spend thrifty. Faithful. Last-minute holiday shopper. Late night snacker. Leary of chickens. Present peeker. Unafraid to fly. Keeper of secrets. Loather of meanness. Secret gardens. Memento collector. Toile. A walker. Calligraphy. In need of quiet time. Painter. Victoria's Secret. Preferer of mittens. More productive under a tight deadline. An activities director. A financial planner. Caffeine addict. Lotion lover. Not the best housekeeper. Maple glazed donuts. Car rides. Vanilla. Flea markets, garage sales, ebay, and craigslist shopper. Eddie Bauer. Toter of toddler essentials. Easy to confide in. Wears heels. Sentimental. Imaginative.


Now tell me about *YOU*


  1. I think I was aware of most of these but there were some surprises, too! Nice post, and I hope a bunch take you up on the idea of doing it on their blogs!

  2. This is such a cool idea. Excellent post and description. It is GOOD to know who you are, down to the details in life. I love that. We are alike in many ways! I'm bad at math too. BUT you're NOT a foodie?? Does this mean you don't like food?? I wish I didn'
    If we lived closer we could do event planning together...that would be perfect.

    Question for you: Where did you learn your party planning and decorating skills? Do you purchase your decor from particular stores? It would be super fun to see more party and event posts you've done on here. ;)

  3. Wow, gal, that is some list!!!

    You already know about me, little one!

    Barb ♥

  4. Judy, thought I would surprise you with a little list. ♥

    About me, Barb:

    I am basically a loner.. yes I know this is a surprise, I adore people with good manners, I love my husband dearly, my home is my sanctuary, I am very sensitive and also very tough, I have a laser focus, my weakness is expensive handbags...I have way too many, I am a really good cook, I hate and detest meanness of any kind, I miss being a size 4, I am so grateful for my hard earned wisdom, I look really good for my age because I work at it, I love jeans and sweaters, I would love to live in England, I adore English decorating and English television, I detest commercials, I love books and have so many I don't know what to do with them anymore, I cannot stand romance novels, I think more like a man than a woman, I love Autumn even though I live in Florida, I love Florida, I have a very active imagination, I love makeup even though I don't wear that much, I am a girly girl, I love my animals...they soothe my soul, I am very spiritual, I appreciate my friends.


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