Friday, October 2, 2009

Autumn Tea Towels

I went a little overboard last year purchasing fall & Halloween tea towels.  Anyone else out in blogland have a thing for decorative tea towels?!  It's another weird collection of mine!  Here are a few of my seasonal favs...

I bought these at a local orchard. Ithought they were cute with the recipes on them...

Then I found this over-sized flour sack towel with a pumpkin pie recipe on it...

Then I fell in love with these gorgeous flour sack towels and had to have them! 

If you haven't discovered the illustrations of Mary Lake Thompson, you will love her! I have all kinds of towels, soaps, aprons and things from her.  So cute!

Below: this little guy was too cute for Halloween!

If you have a tea towel collection, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Sister, I go all the way back to Laguna Beach! I actually have a Laguna tee. It's embarrassing, I know.
    No tea towel collection here, but that ghost is just too cute!

  2. I recently found the cutest coffee themed tea towels- love them!

  3. I love tea towels. You have a great collection. Connected to you through Terri's blog. And I love your studio picture. All those little drawers. Cool!

  4. So cute--I love the ghost towel =all of it is great though. I hope you post each of these fall posts to the party tomorrow.


  5. Hi Judy, those are so very cute. I have a thing for anything with Fall on it. Ha.

    Barb ♥

  6. Love them Judy! My favs are the Mary Lake Thompson ones!


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