Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Missing fun mail!

My cute little mailbox, all done up for fall!

Anyone besides me looking forward to the deluge of holiday mail? Aside from a few catalogs these days, I feel like all that we receive in the mail are bills! YUCK! What's the point of having a cute little mailbox and getting only unwanted junk?!

In another month and a half or so my mailbox will hopefully be full of holiday cards! Although it seems like each year, less and less of our card recipient list are sending cards via the mail (yet another victim in the economic downturn). I'm glad that many people still do though! I love reading through the handwritten notes, laughing at the family newsletters, and seeing the family photographs.

So I guess for now I'll just have to bide my time.

Soon little mailbox...soon :)


  1. We are getting less and less mail in the form of catalogs and ads.....guess it is the economy. I do miss seeing all the goodies.

    Cute mailbox :-)

  2. This is so what I needed right now! Thanks and I'm thinking I might have to move back up North:)


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