Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stuffing an Easter Basket

I truly love all seasons and holidays, as you can probably tell and I especially love Easter.  Spring is my favorite season, and Easter epitomizes the beauty of the spring season of renewal.  So it's an absolute pleasure each year for me to pick out special gifts to fill my son's Easter basket!  

Growing up, it was such a joy to wake up on Easter morning and see my basket!  My brothers and I weren't allowed to open them until after Mass. All dressed up in our formal Easterware, we'd wiggle in the pew full of excitement and anticipation. The anticipation was the best part!  As soon as we got home,  we tore right into our baskets! 

Mine were always filled with the most beautiful things! One year I found a lovely Ten Commandments bracelet :)  There would be elegant hair clips or a piece of jewelry (usually something religious or floral for spring), always a plush toy (usually a lamb or bunny), a white chocolate cross (my parents knew I didn't care much for milk or dark chocolate), caramel eggs, and usually a book or Bible.

I bought my son a beautiful, honey-colored basket with a blue and white polka dot liner from PotteryBarnKids when he was born. Each Easter, I relish in stuffing it full of special treats - chocolate carrots, springtime storybooks, his own Bible, little bags of jelly beans, a chocolate bunny {a MUST for any Easter basket!}, coloring books, a stuffed spring-time animal, gardening tools, playdoh-filled Easter eggs...

Once it's filled, the entire basket then gets wrapped up in cellophane and tied with a beautiful ribbon tied into a bow {you can skip it, but I feel like the cellophane makes it more special}.  

For newborns, Bunnies by the Bay has fabulous baby things that would be perfect for a 1st Easter basket.  I bought my son one of their duckie blankets and an adorable, plush carrot rattle for his first basket.  And of course, you can never go wrong with Peter Rabbit things this time of year!  Other cute things for a baby's basket would be a beautiful pacifer clip to wear to church services, or a spring sippy cup. 

I like to think beyond Easter itself and add things to the child's basket that can be enjoyed throughout the spring/summer months like sidewalk chalk, rain boots, a cute umbrella or raincoat, bubbles, gardening tools, sandbox toys, etc...

What kinds of things did you have in your Easter basket? What do you put in your child(ren)'s basket(s)?


  1. I love your photos as always! Can't wait for Easter.... hunting for eggs!:)

  2. Adorable! I fill my daughter's Easter basket with cute undies, socks and Reese's eggs! What else to get a 24 year old? :-)

  3. How sweet! I remember that plastic grass would always be in my basket, and the handle would be tied with a grosgrain ribbon! I definitely got the chocolate bunny every year, along with little chocolate eggs or coins inside the plastic eggs. A book too.

    I'm going simple & sweet for my kids this year. A couple of sweets, a book, & a couple things I still have to pick up from our local Christian bookstore. We really do Christmas up, so we stay more low-key as far as gifts go the rest of the year.

    What fun plush "Peeps"! :)


  4. Judy, this is so adorable. If I had had children, I would like to think I would have taken the same love and care that you have.

    Andrew is indeed so blessed.

    Hugs, Barb

  5. Ahhh, now you have me all excited for Easter! lol...those peeps are so cute! I LOVE your son's Easter basket too.

    I haven't been out on the blogs lately. :( But I hope to now again! I've been thinking of you though.

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  6. Those little peeps are too cute! We like to look for specialty seasonal candy. Things only out this time of year. Makes it even more special for my boys.


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