Saturday, March 20, 2010

...because you can't beat {free!}

I mentioned in my last post that I had a few curbside finds to share with all of you! From time to time, my husband and I will find something tossed out in someone's trash that's too reusable or nice to pass up!  WIth a little tlc, paint, man's junk truly is another man's treasure!

The first find I came across this week was the {rustic} old wagon above! 

It's well worn and had to have some wood replaced inside, but it's a large size which will come in handy tucked into a garden bed to hold potted flowers.  In the fall, I can fill it with pumpkins!

Maybe I'm weird, but I thought it was quite charming!

The next find was this all wooden outdoor bench! 

Again, it's going to need some work, but with fresh stain,
and a few decorative outdoor pillows, 
it's going to be gorgeous in my backyard!

My son spotted the next treasure!

A wooden child's {rocking} chair!
It's adorable and just the *right* size for him!

But the BEST find was the one that I spotted!
My heart skipped a beat when I saw it there!

A gumball machine on a cast iron stand!
And it's in flawless condition!
Similar ones retail for between $65 - 80!!

Once I clean it up a bit
and fill it with assorted gumballs...

This is where it's going to go...

in my son's playhouse!
Just goes to show that you never know WHAT you'll find
if you keep your eyes open!

And the best part is...
I didn't pay a dime for any of these things!
They were all 100% FREE!


  1. Awesome finds! Of course, even more awesome since they're free.

  2. Great finds Judy!

    I LOVE the gum ball machine. Oh what children memories it brought back.

    Hope you are enjoying your first day of spring!?!?

  3. Wowsers, I do love that little wagon...
    Lucky girl you are...

  4. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Do you remember my wagon? I paid over $100 for it!! Good for you Judy. I know that you and Tom will have those special finds whipped into shape in no time!!

  5. Lucky Duck!!!!!!!! I want to come riding around with YOU!!!!!!!! Loooooove them all...but the rocking chair is just precious!! I still have my from when I was a little girl, and I took all of my kiddos pictures in it.

  6. Oh wow. I can't believe those were on the curbs! I would love to have that wagon...and the gumball machine. ;)

  7. that's's why I love Freecycle so much, we've had very good luck with it too. Love, love, love the gumball machine

  8. Judy, wonderful finds....truly!!

    I adore the wagon.....oh the possibilities with that one!!!!!!

    You go girl!

    Oh, I'm happy we reconnected also. Thank you darling Terri!


  9. Wow! You got some great free stuff! We have "clean up" week coming up really soon where people put their junk out to be taken to the recycling centre (aka dump). The night before or the early morning of that day is full of cars stopping, poking and prying and then driving off with treasures. I've only stopped a couple of times, but I may have to try again this year!

  10. I love these. Amazing finds. I pick the trash too....some of the BEST things in life!

  11. Great Finds!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    I am your newest follower.

  12. Great finds there!! Did you see when Thrifty Decor Chick made a beta fish tank out of an old gumball machine just like that one? That's an idea... Thanks for stopping by Twice Lovely and saying hi!!

  13. Fantastic!! I purchased an old (but new) candy vending machine for $5 at a liquidation center. It had no key so I took it to the local locksmith who drilled it out. Filled it with peanuts and gave it to my brother for Christmas. It was his favourite gift!
    I love upcycling!

  14. I love free!!! You got some great freebies! WOW! Hi, Im Meme from Screaming is so nice to meet you! Stop in and see my free chairs I slipcovered! Meme

  15. You found some great things! I think you will love your wagon. I'm sending you a link to a cart that I have. I fill it with flowers and plants every year! I just love it!


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