Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is springing up!

The weather today and tomorrow will be near 70F!  

My son and I have been savoring it by taking walks together to enjoy the fresh air and get some much needed exercise {it was a long winter!}  

While out walking, we found a few curbside treasures that I'm so excited to show all of you!  

I have parties to attend for the next two weekends, and I'm also hoping to stop by a greenhouse to get some pansies {like the ones above} and some primroses.  I'm itching to see some spring color and flowers again!  Every day my spring-flowering bulbs are poking up more and more out of my garden beds.  I can't wait until they bloom!

 There's just something about spring flowers that makes me Happy!


  1. What a beautiful picture!! I Love pansies. Your blog header is gorgeous too. I remember when you found the baby bunnies in your yard. They were so cute! Happy Spring Judy!!

  2. I love spring and walks...... Beautiful blog.... :)


  3. It is going to be a gorgeous two days!!! And my window are aching to be cleaned!!!! They are sooooo dirty!!


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