Thursday, September 3, 2009

A little pumpkin patch!

If you have the space, there is something so rewarding, so fun about growing pumpkins.  Seeing those vines grow & sprawl out, and then the giant yellow-orange flowers that appear, followed by little, green orbs that get larger, and larger, and larger...until...

and then sometime late in the summer, you see this beautiful, cheery site...

And when you almost can't contain your excitement a moment longer,
They turn bright, bright pumpkin orange!
A few are taking their sweet time to ripen up...
At last count, we have seven growing in our little patch :)
Think they'll keep until Halloween?!?


  1. I totally love it. I am going to really have to figure out what I do wrong with pumpkins. They are so adorable!

  2. I wish I knew also what I am doing wrong with my pumpkins none of mine grew this year. Last year we had two little ones and they rotted before they had a chance.

    Any advice on this. We have a clay type soil so maybe that is it. Yours are just so gorgeous can't wait till I can get some for the porch here at my house.

  3. As always Judy...BEAUTIFUL.

    Here's a link to a cool blog I thought you might like. The lady has a beautiful home, amazing taste, and lots of yummy ideas!


  4. Hi Judy
    I'm visiting via Terri's Lakewood Manor. Wonderful blog, you have! I clicked to follow.

    The pumpkins look wonderful. When my daughters were small, they carved pumpkins on the patio. A few seeds fell along the patio edge, that October. The next summer, we had the most gorgeous pumpkin vine that trailed all the way around the patio, with no more effort than having fun carving pumpkins. We've grown them since then, but they were never as pretty as the volunteer.

  5. I love love love your pumpkins! :)

    The photos on your blog are beautiful! :)


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