Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fit for a princess

I'd always wanted a vanity table.  Maybe it stems from my love of old movies, but I've always found something so romantic and dramatic about them...only problem is, try to find one!  Most of the ones made today are barely more than a table with a few shelves...and made of metal!  I wanted something more ornate, old-fashioned and with drawers to keep the dust out (and to hide the clutter!) 

Lucky for me, my husband stopped at an estate sale one weekend.  He found one in rough condition that had belonged to the home owner's grandmother.  When my husband inquired about it, she asked him how much he wanted to pay.  When he sheepishly answered, $20.00 he feared she'd be insulted and refuse, but she agreed!  It even came with a revolving stool! 

Before - This is what it looked like when he brought it home...
So we cleaned and repainted it, and I'm hoping to get the seat reupholstered at some point, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
After - Here's what it looks like repainted (with the top open/ top closed)...
So having something so cute, I had to find a way to keep it tidy and organized, so I bought some plastic organizers at Linens & Things a few years ago that keep everything orderly...
It nevers ceases to amaze me what a fresh coat of paint can do :)
I absolutely adore it!  Now I not only have a lovely place to store all of my cosmetics and fragrances, but I also have a beautiful piece of furniture as a focal point in my master bedroom. 


  1. Oh I would love to find a vanity table like that and fix it up for me and babydoll. What fun we would have doing dress up.

    It looks so nice you did a great job.

  2. Hi Judy

    At Terri's suggestion, I popped over for a visit. I'm so glad I did. What a great find (and buy) your husband made. It's adorable.


  3. Judy~
    What a BEAUTIFUL transformation!! Your Tom is one special guy.

    Happy Fall to you.

  4. Terri sent me over too! Great blog and I love your vanity table. You really got a bargain, especially with the great stool. These remind me of movies from the 50's!!!

  5. I've had my eye out for the perfect vanity for years!! You already know how much I adore yours!!

  6. OOOOhhh you lucky girl, you!!!! I looove it for you! And what a terrific eye your husband had!! I love your vintage bike and that Westie bday cake is THE cutest!!!

  7. Hey gal, thought I would pop over and see what my ole friend is up to. Everything looks going into someone's home that you haven't been in for a long time.

    I do hope you are well. Happy almost birthday to Andrew.

    Barb :-)


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