Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving {Natural Elegance} Tablescape and Birch

As I spend this weekend baking and relaxing,
I thought you might enjoy seeing our tablescape this year.

Let me preface this by saying that I marvel at you tablescape mavens that pull a look together so effortlessly!  I don't seem to possess the gift, although I ultra love seeing a beautiful seasonal table!

This time of year, we all long for peace and reflection.  With the year winding down and nature going into slumber, Thanksgiving seems the perfect time to repose and relax.  I wanted to bring that natural elegance to our tablescape this year.  Warm, rich chocolate brown, heavenly creamy whites, rustic wood and burlap, oak leaves, pinecones and acorns ~  texture, warmth and natural elements abound.

I love the rough, texture of the burlap and woven fabric of the placemats.  With my wheat bundles flanking the table, and hurricanes filled with real, preserved oak leaves, pinecones and acorns, the table pulls in so many of the woodland elements that one would find on a November nature hike.

I can't tell you how much I love my table runner! 
I bought this from a talented etsy seller,
and I just adore the screenprinted Thanksgiving message.

We've been enjoying this on our table throughout November.

Everything has to have a touch of whimsy in our house with a 5-year old.  So rather than set a seperate kid's table for just one child, I adorn his placesetting with whimsical (but also coordinating) decor.

This little treat bag from Pottery Barn Kids will hold healthy pre-dinner snacks.

The turkey chairbacker will hold homemade goodies
and Thanksgiving books.

Having a special place to sit,
makes an intimidating adult table seem more welcoming to a little one.

But other decor
like these Byers' Choice Thanksgiving figures
on the table also makes for an unexpected surprise and fun conversation piece
even for adults.

Who says kids get all the fun stuff?!  ;)

Pie, anyone?

More turkey?

I am in love with my ruffle bowl. 
This makes such a dramatic statement on a table!

A little touch of feminity offsets the rough textures of burlap, wood and tweed,
and turns up the sophistication!

Natural elegance.
Rustic sophistication.
Thanksgiving perfection :)

And speaking of rustic elegance,
A great big thank you to my darling husband for taking a pile of old birch branches
and turning them into these
chic, charming
Birch Bark Candleholders
for little ole me :)

In my hurry to display them,
I couldn't find my white tealights,
but I did happen upon some pumpkin spice ones that fit
just perfectly!

Pure bliss.

Happy Turkey Day tablescaping!

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  1. Your tablescape looks great! Where did you find the turkey treat bag?

  2. I would say YOU are a tablescape maven. Everything looks so warm and inviting, Judy. I love all the little touches and your keen eye for detail. Gorgeous....hope you do more tables and consider linking to Tablescape Thursday so more bloggers can be exposed to this darling table.

    I am finally surfacing after several days. Just on complete overload.....good overload but overload, nevertheless. Whew!

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Barb ♥

  3. So beautiful but I like Andrew's place best! ;) Every detail of these photos looks so warm and inviting for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!


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