Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Joy

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving?
From start to finish, our holiday was absolute perfection!

It started off with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
while I was getting started in the kitchen.

Delicious pies, cranberry orange relish, roasted stuffed turkey,
freshly steamed green beans and brocolli,
roasted vegetables, homemade dinner rolls,
turkey gravy, and so much more!

The trick was keeping my 5-yr. old occupied while waiting for dinner.

In his turkey chairbacker, he found a handmadeThanksgiving activity book along with a new box of crayons.  He didn't waste any time getting right to work on the various coloring pages and activities inside.

Using various scrapbooking supplies that I had on hand,
I whipped together this homemade activity book.

It was so simple!
I went online and printed off an assortment of coloring pages
and activities for him to make and do.


We made teepees the night before out of paper plates and sticks.
And in his activity book were Pilgrim and Indian finger puppets to color and cut out.

And we used the Pottery Barn Kids Mayflower treat holder for the Pilgrim finger puppets.

Coloring and making things was a great way to keep him occupied.

It was a tradition in my house that every Thanksgiving
my brothers and I received an early Christmas present.

So in keeping with tradition,
Andrew received a little gift bag at dinner,
containing two diecast cars
and a Jingle All the Way book and dog from Hallmark.

Because he knows how much his mama loves to make things cute,
just as dinner was about to be served,
Andrew ran to get the crafts he'd made at school...

I just loved his placemat!

And his rustic napkin ring was perfect!

At dinner, as we talked about what we're thankful for,
Andrew said this was the best Thanksgiving ever.

I couldn't agree more :)
Hope it was yours, too!


  1. Such a heartfelt and beautiful post, Judy. Your menu sounds delightful.

    Love everything!

    Barb ♥

  2. Cute! They really enjoy this kind of activity. I'll share this to my kids. You can also try to check this cute
    thanksgiving coloring pages
    if you like.

  3. Hi Judy, It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Seeing all the cute artwork your son made brought back some great memories for me of when mine was little one...
    Thanks also for stopping by to visit me:)


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