Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Autumn

I know the start of fall isn't officially here, but we're already celebrating Autumn!  

Meet our new Golden Retriever puppy
named Autumn

Well, technically my son named her...
Apple Autumn Sunset Falls
but he wanted to call her Autumn, for short :)

And what a perfect name, too!
WIth her golden brown coloring,
she looks right at home outside,
like the sunlight as it's setting in west.

Look at that sweet, trusting face!
She's already stolen our hearts!


  1. LOL, too cute what your son named her. Her name is PERFECT! She is adorable. I want to take her out of the picture and squeeze her. :)

    But I have to tell you something! I am blown away by how often we do the same things without even knowing!! It happens to you and me SO often...very odd lol. We JUST got a new black lab puppy a couple weeks ago. Isn't that funny?

  2. She is so cute and will bring many happy memories to your family in the years to come. Just precious! Give her some sugar from us!

  3. Too cute Judy! Love her name:) Our weather has cooled down quite a here comes autumn!
    Happy Fall:)


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