Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chocolate Chip Golden Retriever Pupcakes

My son was snack leader again at preschool in celebration of his 5th Birthday!

His request: Chocolate Chip Golden Retriever Pupcakes (to honor his new puppy, Autumn).  It was also Show-and-Tell day so he brought in a poster-size print of her to show his classmates. 

I found graham cracker "Scooby Doo" biscuits (for kids, not dogs!) that I included for extra cuteness.

Chocolate Chip eyes
Marshmallow peanut tongues
Caramel ears
and lots of delicious whipped chocolate buttercream frosting!

All packaged up to take to school!

All of those adorable sweet doggie faces...
what child could resist?!? ;)

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