Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Dreams

While I apologize that my blog has been stagnate for much of the summer, we've been having so much fun offline that I neglected to share with all of you.  I always say that just as we bloggers love our photo ops, we should also love life ops!  And some of the favorite life ops are so special and fleeting that I just want to savor them - and not take the time to document them to share.

One of the adventures that I do want to share was one we had this summer to fulfil a lifelong dream of mine. 

Don't ask me why, and yes it may sound silly, but I've always wanted to see a moose in the wild!  So my sweet husband took us to Algonquin Provincial Park in Whitney, Ontario so we could try to spot moose :)

I'd been told that there was a good likelihood of seeing them - but the chances were better either early in the morning or at dusk.  We didn't arrive until early afternoon so I was a feeling a bit worried.  I think my husband thought we didn't have much of a chance at all, but he tried to keep me optimistic.

But just spotting one of these moose crossing signs (below) along the road made my heart skip a beat! 

We stopped to picnic and enjoy one of the lakes - not to mention the incredible, breathtaking view! 

There's something so majestic about mountains and lakes.  I decided then and there that I needed to win the lottery so I could build a beautiful cabin somewhere in the mountains and retire!   :)

After our picnic, we continued on throughout the park on my quest.  Just when I was feeling rather discouraged and ready to give up, I saw it!  In the brush along the road...a LARGE dark animal!!!!!  It could only be one thing!!  


Not just one - but two of them!!!

Maybe I'm strange, but I think they're just incredible to behold! 

We didn't just get to see moose though,

we also spotted a cute beaver working on its dam...

a beautiful painted turtle lounging on a rock...

and this sometimes rare to be seen American Bittern...

My son, the little naturalist, enjoyed everything! 
We took him on a hike and he was amazing - didn't miss a beat!

I love encouraging him to appreciate nature!

There's so much beauty all around us.
If we don't take time to stop and be still once in awhile, we just might miss it.

Taking family trips to soak in nature's splendors is a summer MUST.

It's so important to take all of those opportunities and make the most of them.
Taking a dip in the lake in the afternoon...

It was so hard to leave, but we promised ourselves that we'd be back...
and we will!

Because the memories we made will last a lifetime. 

and I finally got to see my moose!!

I hope your summer dreams came true, too :)


  1. I've never seen a moose in person...gonna have to ad that to my to do list.

    Great pictures and memories!!

  2. What a beautiful spot. It looks like you all had an amazing time. I'm so glad you got to see your moose, Judy!! ;0)


  3. OMGness, these photos are spectacular! I want to be there RIGHT NOW lol. Wow, what a memorable and exciting weekend.


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