Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Garden Harvest Fresh

It's so hard to grasp that summer's end is already here.  The familiar sound of school buses have been heard in our neighborhood, and with that means that harvest season is here! 

My Gooseberry Patch wall calendar (above) features one of my many summer loves - Farmers Markets!  I live in the country (well the 'burbs, technically) but work in the city...so no matter where I go, there are wonderful farmers markets to be found!  We look forward to them each week, not only for farm fresh produce (which is locally grown - so much better for you to know where your food is coming from - and also to support your local farmers), but also for beautiful plants, herbs, honey, freshly baked pies and cakes, and beautiful flowers! 

One of my adorable farm farm tea towels - perfect for this time of year!

Farm fresh dinnerware is perfect!

More garden fresh tea towels ~ I love these with the recipes on them.

With the abundance of garden produce available on store shelves, from backyard gardens and farmers markets, there's virtually no excuse for not eating healthy this time of year!   Our vegetable garden is brimming with yummy veggies and herbs, just ripe for the picking.

Plump garden pumpkins are growing in anticipation of fall!

Each evening the air has been just a tad cooler, with that certain unexplainable nip in the air that whispers the season is about to change.  A few scattered leaves pepper the lawns...some of which have already begun to change their color.

And with the calendar page about to turn to September, I've been gradually pulling out my favorite fall books to dream and plan :)

Curled up in the backyard with seasonal ideas swirling around in my head, I'm just overjoyed that my favorite season of all is nearly here - AUTUMN

With fall brings so many things that I love: cheery pumpkins, cozy soft throws, colorful leaves crunching underfoot, savory comfort foods to warm the soul,  fun holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, chilly evenings spent around a bonfire, seasonal scents of apple and pumpkin pie,  blustery autumn winds, and warm, toasty sweaters. 

Sigh....pure bliss!  :)

Don't you love our little backyard campfire sign?

As I sit by the giant sunflowers swaying in my garden and let my mind wander, poring over fall magazines filled with inspiration, I realize just how special this time of year is!  There's something so thrilling about the fall and a start of a brand new school year ahead... so many possibilities...so many new adventures await!

I hope you're taking time to savor this exciting time of year and all the beauty of the season.

What are you looking forward to this fall?  


  1. I love fall and there is lots to look forward to! My favorite is going to the pumpkin farm and getting out in the field and picking our pumpkins.

    I love the change in the weather. The smell of the dried leaves swirling around on a breezy fall day. It also means the start of fireplace season (or wood stove, or whatever you use to burn wood.) I love those smells.

    And I love to bake and cook with pumpkin all through fall. (I'm just a teensy bit addicted to all things pumpkins... just a lil bit.) lol

    Sigh I could go on! ;-D
    Blessings, Jessica

  2. I loved your post!! It really put me in the "Fall" mood! :) I love decorating for Fall. I love camping with my family & friends. The cool nights and warm days. Now, if I can just lose a few of those summer vacation pounds so that I can fit into my jeans... I'll be doing good! ;)

  3. OH Judy!

    Will you please consider sharing where you got those Towels?? They are awesome Girl!! I especially LUV luv luv the Watermelon one!

    You always find the BEST stuff!

    Looking forward to more of your Fall posts

    {{HUGS}} Lynne

  4. Happy you received it finally! We were on vacation for awhile, but back on schedule now.

    You have SUCH a way of bringing much anticipation in for each season. Your season posts are some of my favorites. <3 Autumn is my #1 pick too! I really love your Farmer's Market towels. But it's that magazine that I'm going to need to seek out now. It looks so fun to cozy up too.
    Sending our love!

  5. As a fellow lover of fall, I don't need to tell you that I am beyond excited for the season too!! I need to go dig out my GBP fall books...oh, and don't forget Autumn by Susan Branch. That book brings back good memories from our message board days. Sigh.

  6. I love fall, you know! I think I am most excited about my beloved football and tailgating. We haven't had a lot of it this fall, but we still love the excitement in the air and smell of charcoal and cooking burgers!


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