Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day!

Don't forget to show your patriotism today!

June 14th

The Boy and The Flag

I want my boy to be the best,
I want him to be great;
I want him Life's distant West,
Prepared for any fate.

I want him to be simple, too,
Though clever, ne're to brag,
But, Oh! I want him, through and through
To love his country's flag!

~ Edgar Guest


  1. Love your home decorated for flag day and those flip flops are too cute. We have all of our flags out too but I find so many people do not put flags out around here and I find that weird.

  2. Happy Flag Day, Judy! Love those little piggies!!

  3. Judy, Hi, love the flags and your pretty lanterns. We have a five foot flag wind sock blowing away on the dock. I love it.

    Your picture in your profile is so sweet.

    Barb ♥

  4. That is just the sweetest thing! Love little guy toes...ours have suddenly morphed into big guy toes (and aren't nearly as cute!)

    The poem couldn't be truer!

  5. that is the best flag picture ever!

  6. loved the lines of Edgar Guest and your blog.


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