Friday, January 7, 2011

Toile Touches

I don't know what it is about it, but I absolutely adore Toile.  
There's something both sweet yet also exceedingly sophisticated about it.  
A Pottery Barn toile duvet that I simply lust for!
Whether it's on a throw, a bedroom duvet, table runner, or seat cushion, 
toile accents can be found throughout my house. 

A handmade windowbox bedroom mirror
I reupholstered my chair cushion in toile and made a matching memo board.

I simply MUST get this burlap & toile ruffle table runner that I saw on etsy!
It would coordinate perfectly with my red transferware dishes.
sooo pretty.
sooo feminine :)

Any other toile addicts out there?! 


  1. Me!

    My favorite chair in the living room is my red toile chair.

    Gotta ask... how did you make that darling header?

  2. Great blog reno Judy!! I love ANYTHING red!!!!

  3. Me ME ME!!! I have curtains in my kitchen that are black and white toile. The colors in my kitchen are black, white, and yellow. Love it! walls are yellow and looks so sophisticated beside the toile. I'd love to have a sunroom with toile everyhwere:)

  4. Love it! I have the pottery barn toile duvet, but in yellow.

  5. Oh, pretty, pretty!

    I love toile lampshades....just a sucker for them.

    Happy Sunday!
    Barb ♥

  6. I found some gorgeous curtains that I want for my craft room. They are trimmed in black and white toile and gingham! I'm doing the room in mostly black and white and I'm mixing up patterns. So far, I really love it. I love that burlap runner with the toile trim! And your memo board and seat cushion. always beautiful!

  7. Oh what a beautiful memo board and desk area you have! I am a lover of toile too. It's what our winter beadspread is. I hope you get that etsy find. ;)

  8. Oh yes, my dining room chairs are upholstered in red and white toile. I've had them like this for 10 years and still love them. :)

  9. The dark pink shade of that toile is great:)


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