Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keeping the Winter Home Fires Burning

As the winter days struggle to grow longer,  the darkness tends to envelop us much too soon. No sooner does the work day end, and the daylight vanishes.  

So in an attempt to surround my little family and home in love and warmth, out come the candles!  Sweet smelling candles with their soft flickering glow that give a home a beautiful, welcoming ambiance ~ their delectable fragrance filling the room.   

Always a girly-girl, I adore fragrance ~ from scented bath and body products, to perfumes, to scented home fresheners, I believe in the power of fragrance to set the tone of a create the mood.

During winter like no other time, our homes become our havens, our sanctuaries from the harsh world and elements.  Scented or unscented, candles with their glowing and flickering flames have a way of calming our frenzied spirits...bringing much needed peace and harmony into our homes.  The warm glow invites us to sit a spell, take a break, savor the moment :)

These beautiful candle holders cast magical dancing snowflakes throughout the room!

As you and your family rush throughout your day, I encourage you to take a moment on a dreary winter's night and light a few candles...whether at the dining room table during dinner, while soaking in a luxuriating bubble bath, or on a bedroom nightstand while leafing through a favorite magazine or book...I guarantee you'll discover that candles bring such warmth and comfort into your home that maybe, just maybe, you'll wish winter lasted just a little bit longer ;)


  1. Judy I adore sweet smelling candles in the winter as well. You are a talented writer and photographer. Love your blog!

    Have a blessed day.
    ~Melissa :)

  2. This post is soooo good! :D I love how it's written and I agree. I am a fan of candles in the winter but I don't like using them at all in the summertime.

  3. I am a candle girl, too. I have recently discovered Bath and Bodyworks Eucalyptus candles. I love the scents and they are very energizing. They are my go to day candle now!

  4. Hey darling girl, I love your post. It is filled with grace....I so appreciate that!

    I have started burning Slatkin and Co candles and oh my goodness.....they are the best I have ever seen. (forgive me Yankee Candle...ha)

    You are gifted, Judy.

    Hugs, Barb

  5. I'm right there with you!! I'm a super big candle girl too! Keep cozy over there..

  6. Yes, I love your candles and they are such a mood setter on these cold, dark evenings. "Winter Flurries" must smell fresh and clean.

  7. Yes, candles are a wonderful thing! I started using Slatkin candles back when I lived in San Antonio. We had a flagship White Barn Candle store there and I loved going, it was connected to the flagship Bath and Body Works store so you could browse and shop both and pay once! Their after Christmas sales were INCREDIBLE. I used to get lovely potpourri at 75 percent + off! Creamy nutmeg is one of their fantastic scents! I picked up WINTER this season and it's nice too. If you've never tried the room sprays, you must, they add to the ambience and help layer the fragrance throughout your home. Now that we have Mr. Whiskers, I find myself using alot of flameless candles too! They have an ambience all their own. They add to the warmth of real candles. I love their timer features that allow them to turn themselves on each day at the same time. Nice to walk in and see the welcoming glow from those. No matter what you burn, candles are a great way to make a house feel like a home.

  8. I love candles and the warm and fuzzy feeling they give me! I've been using Scentsy bars lately instead of burning a real candle ...not sure why, probably just because I've been to a few parties and needed something to buy.

  9. I don't use candles since the cat likes them but I do like to burn my scentsey


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