Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frosty, Merry, and oh so Sweet!

Want a quick, adorable, and satisfying little treat for the kids this season?

I whipped up these  
frosty little smiling snowmen cupcakes
for my son's preschool class last week.

Using snowman cupcake liners,
I baked simple chocolate cupcakes
and frosted them with decadent buttercream frosting,
and dusted them with icy sugar crystals.

I added chocolate chip eyes (or you can use M&M candies)
gumdrop noses cut like carrots,
gumdrop earmuffs,
licorice whip bands,
royal icing smiles,
and I sprayed their little cheeks with food coloring spray
to give them rosy cheeks.

So simple,
so cute,
and so sweet and merry!
Your little ones will positively adore these jovial, 
colorful little snowman cupcakes!

For more Christmas Cookie ideas,
visit my 2009 post:

Christmas Cookies!


  1. these are so cute and look like a blast to make:)

  2. Judy, the cookies are so adorable. Your creative heart is like a medicine to me.

    I just turned on my laptop (I haven't had it on for a couple of months...I use my desktop all the time)anyway, saw your comment and please know how much it blessed me. Truly.

    I am going through a really rough time and will probably stop blogging after the giveaway. Wanted you to know how your words were used to minister to me.

    I will always be your friend.


  3. Judy, I am thrilled to tell you that you are the winner!

    Is your address the same?

    Bella Vista is going private as of Wednesday evening.


  4. Oh these are a new favorite of mine. SO ADORABLE and just perfect for kids. You always add such sweetness to everything. And I was fascinated about the tutorial about the caroler cookies. I've seen those amazing cookies of yours before but didn't realize how you made them...very interesting!

  5. Judy, you are the most talented, creative baker!!! I love your sweet little snowmen! That is a very beautiful blog header too!!! Great job!

  6. Love the snowman cupcakes! Can you just do my holiday baking for me?

  7. Judy, thanks for the address.

    I'll be back someday....just have to find 'me' again. :-)

    Ron just called and said WE have to make cookies tonight for the office Christmas party.

    One husband for sale..........cheap! :-) :-)


  8. Hey, I'm loving your Christmas craft ideas they're really cute, you might like some of Roomenvy's ideas:


  9. I just love the creativity!! I bet they're yummy too.


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