Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christopher Pop-in-Kins

It's that time of year!
Christopher Pop-in-Kins is making his daily surprise visits!

Have you heard of this little elf?  
He is of one of Santa's elves that wants so much to see children at Christmas,
so Santa grants his wish to "pop in" to children's homes,
appearing in a different location each night after they've fallen asleep,
and then he reports back to Santa.

If you have little ones that can barely contain their excitement during the Christmas season,
this is a fun and adorable little tradition!

Each morning my 4-year old wakes up in eager anticipation of finding where Christopher Pop-in-kins is hiding!
It's so fun!
Another December tradition is to set out our Advent House.

Time is a hard concept for little ones to grasp...
a day can seem like a week...
a week like a month...
and it can seem like FOREVER until Christmas!!

An Advent calendar can be a fun way for the littlest members of your house
to countdown the days until Santa arrives.

For more early holiday ideas,
visit my previous post:

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun!


  1. I LOVE ADVENT CALENDARS!!! I want the huge tree from Pottery Barn, but we can;t afford it! I hope to have a nice one one year soon! I had one growing up, it;s a great tradition!

    Umm...where do I find a Mr. Pop-in-Kins?? I love this! I read an article in a magazine that another mother did somethign similiar! I think that is too cute!

    I know youa re as excited for Christmas as I am!

    Head on over to my blog! I'm hosting my first Giveaway!

  2. What a fun idea Judy!! And, I'm guessing that seeing Christmas through the eyes of Andrew is amazing!!

    Enjoy this special season with those you love.

  3. I wish SO MUCH I would have started doing this when the boys were young. It is such an exciting and fun tradition! I just recently heard of the "magic elf" tradition which I also loved. I remember how you put your shoes out last year for St. Nick too. You have the best collection of ideas to bring anticipation to life. I love your traditions. <3

    Also, about the post that was compensated. ;) No, it wasn't the Eat Clean, it was the silly sentence at the beginning about "luggage" and bike rack etc etc. It was for the luggage store.

  4. How cute! I saw something called Elf on the Shelf at Hallmark, not sure if it's similar?
    Where did you find him?
    Love the tradition.

  5. This is exactly what I would expect from such a creative Mom! Darling!!

    Are you feeling better? Hope so.



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