Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No tricks, just simple treats!

If you're looking for simple holiday treats to pack off with the little ones for Halloween parties, try these adorable but easy {peasy} little sweets!

As a full-time working mommy, it's hard to balance my career with the domestic goddess responsibilities that we moms strive to achieve.  Even an experienced baker {and self-professed perfectionist} such as myself takes the occasional short-cut.  

Three years ago my son's daycare informed me the night before that they were switching the dates of the annual Halloween party...like, hello!  Seriously - you can't do that to a mom!!!  With no time (or energy!) to do any elaborate baking, I whipped together these super simple... 

White Chocolate Ghost Lollipops 
(a la, Martha Stewart
and popped them into cellophane bags with homemade gift tags.  
(Their eyes are mini-chocolate chips)

If you can melt chocolate (and I know you can!), you can make these effortless little guys in no time!  All you have to do is melt the chocolate in a double boiler with a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil to make them a little glossy (and spread easier), and using about a tablespoon or two of melted chocolate, spread a ghost-like shape atop a lollipop stick onto a waxed paper lined cookie sheet or tray.  Before the chocolate hardens, add the mini-chocolate chip eyes. 


To go with the little ghost pops, 
I assembled 
Chocolate Witches Hat Cookies

You can't get any easier than that!  There's absolutely no baking involved!  It's just a Hershey's Kiss set atop a Keebler Fudge-Striped Cookie.  Simply warm the bottom of the kisses a bit to melt the chocolate, or affix them to the upside-down cookie with melted chocolate or royal icing.  Use additional icing to form the little bows on the hats!
Delicious and simple to boot!

 Add a few inexpensive Halloween coloring books,
and you have an easy, amazing Halloween gift that any child would love!


  1. Just so inspiring, Judy. I might have to add these to my already growing list. I found the perfect......!!!!!.....little treat bags for the children.

    I love Halloween......oooooo.

    Barb ♥
    Oh, thanks for your sweet comment about missing my posts. I am swamped but feel my creative juices starting to flow.......yikes!

  2. My goodness Judy, the things you "whip up" would take me forever. They are so cute!!!

  3. Awesome Idea, Judy! You've given an idea wha to make for Halloween.


  4. Very cute! I love to make the easy treats too! :)

  5. Judy, you sweet thing! I loved your comment...how I have missed your 'feelings about Fall.' So inspiring.

    I stood at the window last night just staring at the lighted jack-o-lantern for what must have been 10 minutes....it thrilled my heart. I bet you understand that completely, huh? hehe

    Many blessings this day,

  6. Super cute treats! My kids would love these little ghosts and hats!!

  7. Great ideas. I especially like the tags.

  8. The ghosts are gluten free - a great thing to have in our home!

  9. What cute ideas! I keep saying, you need a bakery, party planning, decorating business!

  10. Thanks for visiting me today~your blog is wonderful just like these ideas!

  11. AWESOME ideas, thanks so much! I am NO baker but I think I could pull off those witch's hats! ALSO: as a kdg teacher I can assure you: Teachers at your son's school are FIGHTING over who gets to have your little guy next! Thank you for making his childhood so magical and inspiring all the moms out there! You are my Martha Stewart!


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