Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Baking

The weekends are filled with parties and activities for us this time of year, so I wasn't able to get in the kitchen all that much. We did put together this adorable little gingerbread and candy haunted house.  I set it atop a cake pedestal for a cute little Halloween centerpiece.

I added some marshmallow Peep ghosts, tinted coconut for grass, candy corn accents and sprinkled the entire thing with autumn leaf candies.  There were little pumpkin candies, too - but those mysteriously disappeared every time my 4-year old entered the dining room!  

You can find these little kits everywhere - from Walmart & Target, to Joann's and Michaels.  They're fun little seasonal kits that take about an hour to assemble.  

This week we have three Halloween parties so I better dig out the rolling pin and get busy baking


  1. Judy: How in the world did you get yours to look so good? Then again, you probably had plenty of patience; more than I did. Also, you probably baked your house, too, which made everything stick better. I wrote a blog back in September about mine. You can follow this link and see it for yourself:

    Trust me: your house is WAYYYYYY better looking than mine. TERRIFIC JOB!

  2. Totally love it! You are so talented! Hey, Ashley is headed to Montreal tomorrow? Any recommendations? Tell her on Facebook!

  3. Wow! this is impressive!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Such a cute little house! We are going to attempt a gingerbread house for Christmas. We haven't done one since the boys were in their early teens.

  5. My little guy has been begging for one of these kits...I guess I should get one - they are so cute!

  6. This is fabulous! I know about the tinted cocunut for grass, we do that at Easter. We should totally do this, Nik would love it!

    Love the little peeps that you added, candy corn, candy piping, etc.

    That is too funny that the pumpkins disappeared, ha ha!

    Do you just let it go hard? Or do you let your son eat off it. I would probably decorate it, and then little by little, little parts of the house would misteriously disappear. First a pumpkin, then a gost, then part of the roof, then part of the door, then the side of the house, ha ha!

    Happy Halloween/Fall! I know you LOVE this time of year, probably more than I do, which is saying A LOT!

  7. How precious for Halloween.

    Happy week to you! ~Melissa :)


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