Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Redolent Lilacs

They say that the sense most closely linked to memory is scent.  Then for me, lilacs above all other flowers most closely remind me of my mom :)  I'm fortunate to have the beautiful lilacs that she planted many years ago still blooming in my spring garden.  

Every year without fail, their beauty and uniquely graceful fragrance surround my home, reminding me of my mom ~ working in her garden.  She passed away when I was a teenager after a long battle with cancer.  The return each spring of her lilacs is like a sweet reminder of her.  I proudly explain to my son that they're his grandma's lilacs, as he buries his nose in the blossoms.  And he smiles and says, "I can almost smell her, Mommy...so beautiful."  :)


  1. Wow, Judy. That is beautiful, truly. <3

  2. Judy,
    children say the most amazing things...that gave me a tear, so sweet.

  3. Judy how sweet:) We share the same love of lilacs from the same person...our mom's. A spring never went by without me bringing her a bouquet! It was ten years ago I lost my mom and little memories like that are like gold aren't they?

  4. awwwwwwww! That is the sweetest thing. Doesn't it just make your heart sing?

  5. This post touched me. Thank you.

    Lilacs always remind me of my Grandma. She had a huge bush outside her kitchen and we would cut them together in huge bunches to bring inside. Whenever I smell them, I think of her and all of the wonderful memories I have of her. They remind me that she is still with me.

  6. What a treasure you have Judy. Such a wonderful remembrance. Andrew and the kids gave me a lilac bush last year for mother's day and it is blooming for the first time this year!! I am so glad!


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