Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day

: Happy May Day :

How to celebrate:

Step 1.
Make a pretty flower basket

Step 2.

Leave it on the doorstep of a friend
(particularly nice for one that hasn't been feeling well)

to wish them a
Happy May Day!


  1. Hello from Jacqueline at Once Upon a Fairyland (my childhood home). In honesty, I never even knew your blog exsisted but I clicked on a friends, and up came yours. I scrolled down to see the playhouse and all the cute that resides here and I knew I must have landed here for a reason!
    Happy to pop in, I will be back and signed on as a friend. If you love life, gnomes, play, kids, God, writing, fairytales and such you might like my blog.
    I am hosting a Groovy Girls give away this month and I would love you to jump in a caravan and come along with us. New blog friends are fabulous! ~Jacqueline~

  2. Judy, this is so inspiring!

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  3. What a great way to bring in May! I love it. Andrew is getting so grown up looking.

  4. So sweet! Happy May Day a couple days late.

  5. You do the SWEETEST things with your son. <3

  6. I used to do this but forgot all about it!


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