Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things to do in the spring...

Now that we're well into April, and winter is {I hope} a thing of memory, there are so many joyous things to do in the spring. I hope you find my list inspirational and discover some ways that perhaps you hadn't thought of for your own family to enjoy the season!

1. Take time to appreciate the beauty around you...

With beautiful spring flowers and trees, 
there's so much beauty to behold in the spring, 
but be careful - it's all too fleeting 
if you aren't paying attention!

2.  Appreciate all of God's creatures
Nature is so busy in the spring time.  
Birds building nests, animals awakening from hibernation. 
Spring is a marvelous time to take a nature walk 
and discover all of the activity around you.

3.  Ride a bike

With summer on the horizon, who doesn't want 
to shed a few extra winter pounds?  
Biking is not only great exercise, it's cathartic to the mind! 

4. Hang clothes out on the line

Let the spring air dry your clothes and infuse them 
with the fresh smell of blossoming trees 
and warm spring breezes! 

5.  Feed the birds

Hang a feeder, set out a birdbath, put out a birdhouse.
They'll reward you by sticking around through the warmer months 
with their beautiful songs and eating those pesky bugs!

6. Fly a kite

Acting like a kid once in a while does wonders for your spirit :)  

7. Take a trip to the garden center

And see the many varieties of summer annuals
and perennials that they have. 
You might just find something new for your garden!

8. Go on a picnic

You can make it a romantic picnic for two...
a family picnic for all...
or just a quiet lunch al fresco for one with a good book :)

9. Visit a farm or farmers market

There's nothing like farm-fresh produce
and seeing all of the adorable farm animals!

10. Take a hike!

 You don't have to be an avid outdoor enthusiast
to enjoy a pleasant hike in the woods.
Pack comfortable shoes, a picnic lunch, binoculars
and a camera and discover all of the wonders of springtime!

 I hope your spring is filled with joy and beauty!   

Take a moment out of your busy everyday life 
to savor the splendor of this gorgeous season with those you love!


  1. I LOVE THIS POST JUDY! A true reminder to be thankful for all things. I love all the pics you posted. You also have a way with words that takes us right into the moment!

  2. A lovely post, Judy. The weather here is just delightful....so much to be thankful for.

    Ron and I are working ourselves into the ground but gratefully God is providing the energy.

    I am still having problems with my comment moderation....I am not deleting (I don't think you can delete...don't really know) but losing some. I am at my wit's end with it. :-(

    Your post encourages my heart....thank you!
    Happy Day!

  3. Great list! I just made my trip to the garden center yesterday! One of my favorite things about spring!

  4. Love it!

    Some of the things are on my list. We have been visiting our lake a lot this spring. Walking the dogs there is a lot of fun and so beautiful!

  5. Happy Spring!!! Thanks....I can't wait to do some fun spring things too.....

  6. Spring and summer are so fun especially with the little ones. Great post!

  7. I love the smell of linens on the line:) Fresh, breezy, and a little rough but a fabric sheet will do the trick:)

  8. Lovely list of fun things to do! Love it all!!

  9. Great list Judy. Spring is such a very special time of year.

  10. What a wonderful list of inspired things to do. Enjoy your weekend and the Spring weather. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  11. There really is so much to do without spending a dime :) Great reminder!

  12. What a sweet post Judy! I think I'm going to make it my new 'to do' list:)

  13. I love your Spring ideas. It makes me want to slowww down and enjoy the moment!

  14. This post made me feel happy about the season and extra motivated to get out there and enjoy it. We just took a trip to the garden center last week. :)


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