Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter's on its way!

Today is a last minute scramble to get everything ready for Easter tomorrow!

Above: my Easter Bunny cake
Finish my baking..

color the eggs...

stuff the baskets...

SO much to do!

Above: a view of my dining room

I hope your home and holiday are filled with blessings and joy!

Above: My Easter egg tree

Above: Easter bunny salt & pepper shakers
Above: an egg tree by the playhouse

Above: my Easter Bunny flag

Above: garden bunnies by the playhouse

Above: a little Easter Bunny garden flag.

Above: my son made this for me!

Above: a light-up egg in my window

Above: the bunny on our door

Above: kitchen decor

Happy Easter!


  1. Such sweet photos Judy! I adore your bunny your son made...makes me want to pull out that box of 'things my kids made when they were little' in the attic!
    Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!!
    xo paula:)

  2. Yummy cake!

    LOVE the paper plate bunny!!

  3. As usual, Judy, your home is beautifully decorated inside and out. Your bunny cake is so cute, and that paper plate bunny is as cute as it's creator!!!!

  4. That cake is amazing! Seriously, it is SO cute!!! All of your decorations looked beautiful, hope you had a wonderful Easter! :)

  5. Easter looks like such a delight at your house!!!

  6. You win for cutest Easter cake! And I never bought Easter salt and peppers before, I wonder if I can find some on clearance now?

  7. Judy, that bunny cake is ADORABLE!! WOW! It is so cute. :) Your home looks so perfect for Easter. I hope it was a good one.

  8. Judy your easter stuff is so cute- and love the cake ;) I can't believe all that stuff you found- a few posts back- especially the gum ball machine! I had one just like that when I was a kid. Dang- I wish I had it now ;)

  9. Judy! Love your bunny cake!! So stinkin' cute! Your decorations, once again...5 star. You have the ability...I tell ya!

    thanks for sharing. Hope you had a fabulous Easter.

  10. Precious photos Judy! I love the adorable bunny cake the most. :)

  11. Oh what fun! Every thing just looks adorable!! I hope you had a wonderful Easter ;)

  12. Oh, my gosh! You made a bunny cake just like mine! That's so cool! Is it ok if I put your photo on my blog and link back to yours? I think you may have used my cake as inspiration for yours. My original photo was on flickr here:

    I am planning to do a post on bunny cakes on Saturday.


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