Saturday, December 1, 2012

All Aboard! The Polar Express (cookies!)

As I'm getting ready for the holidays, I promised my son that we'd have a Polar Express themed night...
you know...
Hot, Hot, - Hot Chocolate bar with all the toppings
Sleeping bags on the floor
Pjs on
and of course, you need snacks!
So I made...
Polar Express Cookies!!

Snowy, holiday steam trains
Silver sleigh bells

and of course,
a golden Polar Express ticket to ride
stamped "Believe"

Time to pop some popcorn and set up the hot chocolate!
Hand-decorated "PE" marshmallows with "Believe" flags...


  1. Judy Girl those cookies are just adorable! I love The Polar Express Movie....wish I had those treats to enjoy as well.

    Hoping your holidays are wonderful!


  2. You make the cutest cookies! They look too good to eat. I'm going to try to make your carolers with my children this weekend.

  3. Judy,

    The cookies are adorable and I mean adorable!! What talent you have.

    Merry Christmas to you also!


  4. You should SELL your cookies, they're amazing! :) It was SO fun to hear from you again. I've been thinking of you and hope you're well. I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas. <3


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