Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love & Appreciation

We all have a need to feel appreciated

It'd be nice if we took the time every day to let those we love,
 and those that work so hard to make our lives easier,
know that they're valued.

Then maybe we wouldn't need the greeting card companies to nudge us
to make time once a year to say,
"Thank You."

I'm so grateful to have a very special little boy that loves me almost as much as I love him!

Now that he's 4, he has a much better comprehension of special occasions. 
This year, he took great pains to hide the Mother's Day presents that he had worked so hard on at school so he could give them to me on the actual day. 

He made his dad carry them behind his back
so I wouldn't see them when they came out of the school. 
And he announced that he was putting something in the spare room,
and I wasn't allowed to go in there for a few days.

So come Mother's Day morning,
this is what I awoke to:

Beautiful gifts of appreciation & love!
Handmade (from my son) and store bought (from my hubby!)

followed by a Mother's Day brunch together...

an afternoon of bike riding,
followed by a BBQ...

but most importantly,
time spent as a family,

lots of hugs and kisses

surrounded by
love & appreciation.

Happy Mother's Day!!

I hope all of you were treated like queens for a day
and recognized for all of your many sacrifices
for everything you do!

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  1. Aww, he is precious. I love how he hid them from you. :) You look beautiful in your picture! Wise words in this post too Judy.


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