Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Preschooler Crafts

One of the joys of motherhood is watching your child's development. The first time they can create something on their own is pure magic!

I treasure all of the little projects and crafts that my 4-yr. old brings home each day. I love to proudly display them throughout the house - some in his bedroom, some on the refridge, a few in the playhouse, and some in the other rooms, as well. It's fun to change them out seasonally (instant artwork guaranteed to bring smiles!)

But crafts shouldn't only be done at preschool or daycare, get out the crafting supplies and get to work with your little one! Spending that quality time together is priceless...and so rewarding...and SO FUN! Prepare yourself to get messy! The laughs and giggles are well worth the hassle!

Here are a couple of the crafts that we've made together this week (The inspiration came from my friend, Pat :))

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  1. I love the fishy traced from his hand, Judy. That is so sweet. I just love preschooler crafts. He is printing very well for a 4 yr old.


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