Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Warm Frost and Holiday Thoughts

Autumn Greetings sign in my garden.

Each morning as I awaken to greet the day, I peer outside my window to see frosty covered rooftops and steam swirling from the houses - reminding me that we are now well into autumn, and winter's icy breath is blowing ever closer.  Brrrrr!  

With Halloween behind us, my thoughts have turned full swing to the holidays!  I've been spending my precious free moments (what are those you ask!?) to the projects and shopping that I'd like to have done for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

The workspace my husband built for me :)
I know I say this often, but being a working mommy, I have to stay organized so I'm a list maven!  I simply don't know how I'd stay on top of things if I didn't write them down.  Holidays have a not-so-kind habit of sneaking up on me.  Keeping organized and on track keeps special occasions somewhat less stressing for me and my family.  

I encourage each one of you as you make your holiday plans this year to take time to write out not only your shopping lists, but also your list of priorities and expectations.  What are the key ingredients to your family's holiday that you consider essential?  What are the things you would like to include but never seem to find the time?  What could you begin doing now that would save you some time/money/stress come December?  

I know I'll be asking myself these questions and more.  I realize there's a balance between being a go-with-the-flow person that seizes opportunities as they arise and the person that meticulously plans out every minute detail of their life...but I think the middle ground can be achieved.  

I'd love to know what you do to make your holidays a little merrier and more joyful.  Please share your tips.  The greatest part of blogging is the community we have with each learn and inspire!

In the meantime, stay warm and toasty!  


  1. Hi Judy! Thanks so much for stopping by today! It is always so fun to meet new folks here in blogland and I just have to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE your blog! That playhouse is beyond belief...absolutely adorable and just perfect for a little guy to feel like he has his own man cave. :-) I am a total list girl too and already have begun planning for Holiday decorating and cooking. I start decorating very early around here so that everything is pretty much done by Thanksgiving except for the real tree. I look forward to seeing more of your great ideas and inspiration!
    I'm now a kindred spirit here too! :-)

  2. Judy, I'm definately a kindred list maker!! I make my lists right on the daily pages in my daytimer!! That way I don't loose them! ;0)

  3. Ok, so much to say! First of all, the comments you left me last week on my blog made me CRY! lol. I rarely cry and it's actually a little family joke because I never show my emotions or that was very unexpected when I read your comments. Basically I felt like you understood just "got me". Thank you Judy! <3 :) Your words went a long way with me and my heart.

    And about lists: I'm a HUGE list maker! I wouldn't be efficient at all with my time without them so I understand. I'm sure you saw last year (on my blog), that I keep a holiday organization notebook every Christmas. I started doing it even before I had a family and was married. It's my holiday lifesaver. Thank you for your input and ideas on this topic! You really brought up a good point with considering priorities and expectations. I'm excited to think about that and add it to my little lists...

    You're a lucky girl to have an AWESOME husband to make you that workspace!

    LOVED this post too. You wrote it so beautifully and really captured how this time of year feels. Beautiful.

  4. PS This header you have up now is my favorite one you've done so far. <3

  5. Hi Judy! Great the questions we should be asking ourselves as another holiday season begins to creep up! You've sparked me to think now, rather than later:)

    I will say one thing I did last year that made everything more enjoyable was to sloooow down! Just taking more time to be together and less time to, Somethings really are priceless:)
    Happy Fall & warm hugs to you & your family!
    ps... I *love* that workspace your husband made for you!!

  6. well it's nice to come around your place because i def. don't see cold breath around here....:)

  7. I need to make more lists! I tend to forget things, so this would help me remember and be organized. I like to think early about gifts for dh's office, things I want to bake, things like that. Baking supplies are less stressful on the budget if you start stocking up now! Gifts bought in advance save time and the hustle and bustle of the last minute rush. Now, I admit to liking the crowded shopping and great deals, but it's even better to be done early and just enjoy those times rather than being stressed over last minute rushes to get things. Now........if my family would just tell me what they want for Christmas!

  8. I need to get better at making lists! Okay, I'm going to try...for you :)

    Hey, it's supposed to snow this weekend! I'm going up to Hidden Valley with the Soul Sisters - we'll be thinking of you!

  9. I have to admit that I am more of a middle ground person. I am constantly thinking ahead, but I like to enjoy the holidays by cooking and baking closer to the big date, with Christmas music playing in the background and snow on the ground. Christmas shopping in October is just no fun. I like to make lists but that's just for small reminders, I'm pretty good about keeping things in my head.

    Thanks for all the great advice. I'm glad you like the fall baking pan. I hope they have something with Christmas trees and snowmen coming out!! ;-D


  10. I've started to shop too. Not overtly, just if I see something I figure I may as well pick it up. I will do a spreadsheet for gifts I need to purchase and menus I need to plan... a little obsessive I know, but it keeps me on track. I do hold back on the Christmas decorating until the day after Thanksgiving. I love fall and winter... so many opportunities to decorate!

  11. One of my favorite things to do is to make lists...for everything! Not only does it keep me organized but it also keeps me sane. I love to cross things off of a to do list (acomplishment) and to refer to specifice lists, like holiday planning or menus (organization) but I think my favorite list making would have to be when I just list things I love or projects I want to accomplish someday (inspiration).


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