Friday, August 20, 2010


Summer's days are quickly fading.  Where has the time gone?  In the blink of an eye, we're finding ourselves turning our attention to the return of school and fall. 

I've been on a short hiatus - no particular reason, just enjoy the lazy dog days of summer with my family. We took an enjoyable vacation to Toronto to visit friends and see the Tall Ships (have been wanting to see them for so long!)  We celebrated several special events: graduations, patriotic holidays, and birthdays (including my own a few weeks ago!)  I've been working in the garden, plucking sun-ripened tomatoes from the vine, watching magnificent pumpkins turn plump and orange, and enjoying all of the beautiful summer flowers. 

All of my attention now has been focused on my son's birthday next month (lots of party planning in the works!)

I hope you all have been well!  
I've missed you!


  1. I have very similar placemats! ;) We need to be neighbors...

    Your garden sounds amazing. I would so love to have a garden. Happy very belated birthday too. <3 I am so happy to know you. You bring a lot of warmth and encouragement to my life and you inspire me with the beauty you create for your family and life.

    I'm excited to see your son's party!!

  2. I can't wait to see what you have come up with for your son's birthday. I love all the details of the last two.

  3. Life is good...isn't it!?! Sounds like you are enjoying it.

    Can't wait to hear what the theme is for Andrew's party this year. You come up with the best ideas.

  4. I'm going to Montreal in October. If you're familiar with the area, are there any places to see or eat that I shouldn't miss?

  5. I love keeping up with your blog...Looking forward to see your little boy's party! My Jonah is turning 1 on Sept 21st. We are planning a party with the theme of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse..he loves it! I am trying to get crafty with mouse ears for everyone....any ideas??

  6. Hi Sweetie, Whew! Forgive me for taking this long to get my little self over here. I am just overworked and under paid. Heheheh.

    Love your sweet picture...your dining room fixture makes me drool. That Tom is soooo talented.

    Summer is passing quickly but not too quickly for me. I long for Fall and cooler temps. I'm so excited for everything this coming holiday season. Life is sooooo precious.

    Sending hugs,
    Barb ♥


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