Friday, February 12, 2010

Hi from Canada!

Above: Photo taken by our 3 year old son!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I'm MIA from the blogging world, but we're up here in Canada at the moment! 
I just wanted to say hi!
and update you all that I'm better 
(thanks for all the get well wishes!)
We're having a great time!
Funny thing is that it's snowier at home in PA than it is up here!
We have friends house-sitting/pet-sitting for us while we're away 
(I miss our furkids!) 
We bought our 3 year old son his own little kid camera today,
and we're in hysterics looking at our trip 
through his eyes!
(like the photo above that he took of us!)
Time for a little shut eye! 
The Olympics start tomorrow!
People up here are so excited!
Go Canada Go!


  1. How cute is that! Hope you are having a blast Judy! Stay warm:)

  2. Andrew takes a great picture! I'm so glad you are feeling better and enjoying your trip! Have fun and take lots of pics.

  3. What a great photo! Your son took a wonderful pic! Hope you are feeling good and having fun! ♥

  4. Have a wonderful time Judy. . . tell Tom to stock up on Tim's while he's up here!!!!

  5. Have fun! We have it on 24 hours a day! I had surgery Wednesday and all went well. It hurts a lot but that will fade away. Have a good time!

  6. Of course he needs his own camera!!!! He will loooove it! My little guy likes to do scavenger hunts with his......I give him a list of stuff to find around the house and he has to take pictures of them! We're rooting for the Canadian hockey team......go Sidney Crosby!! Our fav Pittsburgh Penquin! Glad you're feeling tons better....have a safe trip home.

  7. Judy, have a great time! Sweet picture.

    Barb ♥


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